My Crohn’s Story (part 3 and last hopefully:)

imageHellooo people! Summer is here!! Yahoooo! It’s been in the mid eighties lately not as hot as it will be in a couple months but still pretty warm. So here we go last part of my Crohns story for now:) If you missed part one here and part two here.

Right before I turned fifteen my Mom bought the Trim Healthy Mama book, little did I know how much this book would spark a love for nutrition and health in me. At first I was super confused reading the book but I just started incorporating some of the meals, it was exciting! A whole new world opened up to me! I remember the first THM meal I made it was a zucchini lasagna loaded with veggies it was so good! I remember feeling so clean after the meal, I felt really good. It wasn’t that I ate super noughtie food I just ate to many carbs at most of my meals, for breakfast I would always have two pieces of rye bread with peanut butter and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, it would have been fine if I had this kind of breakfast a couple times a week (since I was still growing) but I would have this every day. I didn’t gain any weight or have any side effects from eating like this, since I have a very high metabolism and am a pretty active. I just needed a more balanced approach like THM! Slowly slowly we(me and my mom) started getting more THM food staple (like flax, coconut oil etc’) and got more and more on plan it was so much fun trying all the new food and learning the plan.

About a month after I turned fifteen me and almost all my siblings caught the whooping cough, though we didn’t know it at the time, at first I was really sick for the first week or so and then I would be better and then I would be sick again, it kept going back and forth. I even went on two hiking trips that spring because I thought I was healthy.11083875_10153649747025278_1404892373171080261_n  They were totally fun trips! Anyways right after Pesach I was sick again with the whole nasty cough as well as most of my siblings at the same time my cousin ,who lives in the states was tested for whooping cough and it came back positive (he had a lot of the same symptoms as us), I was immediately tested for whooping cough and it came back positive, ugh. It had already been six weeks since I had symptoms so I wasn’t contagious anymore but the Doctor insisted on taking antibiotics. Over these past few months I lost some weight which wasn’t good since I was already on the low end of the scale and now I was even lower but except for that I felt pretty ok. I had a Doctors appointment with the gastroenterologist, scheduled for that June and he was very worried about my weight loss and blood test results (there was definite signs of inflammation), and boy did he worry and stress me. He scheduled a Colonoscopy and MRI to see how bad the inflammation was. It was such a shock, I thought I was pretty healthy.

I went back on the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ but it just didn’t seem to be helping, so I was back on eating THM. Well God used the MRI and Colonoscopy to really test my trust and to fully feel his peace even though they were both hard experiences, especially the MRI. I felt so sick and nauseous from fasting and from the nasty liquid that you have to drink and then when I was called to go inside the MRI (tube thingamabob) I felt so claustrophobic, I felt like I couldn’t bear it! After ten awful minutes the lady came out and said that the liquid hadn’t gotten far enough in my digestive tract and I needed to drink more of the nasty liquid I just started crying when I sat back down by my Mom I felt so miserable. Somehow God just gave me the strength to drink another cup of the nasty liquid and go back into the MRI. This time I didn’t feel overwhelmed I just really felt his peace, even though I had these loud beeping noises going on and off, and thank- God  it ended eventually!

My parents met with the Gastroenterologist to discuss the medical options for treating crohn’s (the MRI showed 60cm of my small intestine inflamed), I absolutely refused to go to the meeting the Doctor scarred me! My parents didn’t want to take the medical route and neither did I, there were to many side effects and we knew there had to be a better route. We talked (mostly my Mom) to some people who had crohns and how they treated it but the answers they gave weren’t satisfactory we kept searching and searching, it was looking pretty hopeless. But then we remembered the Herbalist I went to a couple years before for my strep that he also treated Crohn’s, so we scheduled an appointment with him. Wow, he was so encouraging, he gave me hope again! He prescribed a few tinctures and a few supplements and they helped tremendously! After a couple months I took a blood test and the signs of inflammation decreased tremendously! It was a miracle! I felt amazing and healthy!image

It’s almost been two years since then and I feel the healthiest I’ve been in a while, I’ve had a couple flare ups since but God has been so good and faithful through them. I’m going to have to write another more detailed post more specifically about the supplements I take and about all the healing food I’ve discovered to help.

Have a great week!



My Crohn’s Story (part 2)

Israeli-flagHellooo my dear fellas’! How have you been? Enjoying the warm weather? We just celebrated Yom Hatzmuot (יום העצמאות), Israel’s 69th Independence Day! Did I have fun? You bet! We went to the beach for the day, which was sooooo nice! I love love love the beach! We had a BBQ,like everybody else in Israel, we just had FUN! Now part two of my Crohn’s Journey! If you missed part one click here !

So we left off with me eating the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ diet and how I was doing pretty good (actually extremely good! I didn’t have a single flare up during that time! which is super rare!). So after about two years of staying strictly on the diet (no cheats at all-Nada!) I started adding in carbs, I had a baked potato for the first time in almost two years! I only added in potatoes and corn and I was fine with it, thank-God. What’s really bizarre is that I was allowed to have soybean and sunflower oil (those terrible Homogenized oils!) so potatoe chips were allowed! They were such a treat! I did fine with these new additions. After Two and a half years being on the diet I had my first piece of BREAD!! It was sprouted bread and it was so so so so AMAZING! I also added in rice, so pasta was back on the menu! I was still going strong and doing great, The Doctors were amazed at my progress! My Doctor said I could start adding in regular food if I wanted , even a slice of pizza(!!).

So during the course of seventh grade, I started adding in more and more notty food, also I went to a new school in Jerusalem which was a lot more demanding than my local Elementary school. I would have to leave everyday at seven o’clock and then I wouldn’t get back home until five, I was pretty exhausted. It all started to slowly get to me, I was sick very often and missed a bunch of school days(not that I minded that part so much!). By the end of the school year I was pretty sick. I was to skinny and I was sick ALL the time! I kept getting all these thoar throats (I have no idea why still), The Doctors said it was strep but the antibiotics just made it worse. So for the first time I went to an herbalist, he was great! The stuff he prescribed me really helped and I started feeling better I also started back on the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ but I couldn’t stick to it for long, I longed for the ‘real’ baked goods, our neighbor who has celiac suggested try using spelt. I tried using spelt and I loved it! I handled the spelt very well and loved baking with it, I still used sugar and did surprisingly well. We also started home-schooling which took away a lot of stress. I think between getting rid of whole wheat flour and getting into a more relaxed schedule, was what really helped improve my health. God was so amazing and I thrived this way for another year and a half, right around when my Mom bought the Trim Healthy Mama book and we caught the whooping cough, but that’s another story for another day:).10402923_10153574711690278_5686005873258770291_n

Me my Mom and sistah on my 15th Birthday.  Feeling healthy and strong;)

Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom!


My Crohn’s Story (Part 1)

image Just about seven years ago, I started the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ diet. But I’m getting way ahead of myself, let me give you a little back ground. I’ve always been a skinny minney , we never thought much of it until I was in fourth grade ,around September-October, suddenly I became very sick, I would throw up once a day and I felt pretty miserable. I went to our local family Doctor ,who was not very helpful, he said that I was probably allergic to something and gave us a long list of possibilities of triggering food. Time passed and it seemed I wasn’t doing so bad, occasionally I would get a tummy-ache or throw up but it didn’t happen often enough to work up a fuss.  This lasted for a couple months, I seemed to be normal but Gradually I was getting sicker and sicker ,I would come back from School totally exhausted and I was getting thinner.

My Mom found another Doctor who was Gastroenterologist and took me to him the Doctor ,after looking at my blood test results and hearing my symptoms, said it sounded to him like Crohn’s, but we would need to do an Xray on my Gl tract and a colonoscopy before he diagnosed me. He also said I should start drinking Ensure(!!), the Doctor I had then was amazing and he was so sweet but giving me Ensure is one of the worse things to give a patient with an Inflamed bowel! Sadly we didn’t know that back then and we bought a whole darn crate of those nasties! Ok I’m exaggerating but we bought at least thirty of them. They were AWFUL! I just looked up the website to make sure I spelled the name right and just looking at them made me shutter (BTW don’t believe any one of their claims and false promises about the Ensure that stuff is horrible for you! I’ll go into more detail why later I just couldn’t believe so many people are drinking it and thinking it’s doing them good!)  I forgot to mention that I used to be very picky, ok so my Mom looks at me funny every time I say I used to be picky I wouldn’t call myself picky it’s more I’m a bit of a food snob but just a bit;), well I absolutely hated the Ensure! They would have to force me to drink just a 1/4 of a can and that 1/4 of a can barely got gagged down, in away it’s a good thing I didn’t drink oodles of it all the sugar,corn syrup,milk and hydrogenated oils would have caused even more inflammation! Funny thing is my brothers loved that stuff so none of the Ensure got ‘wasted’.

So I took the X Ray and colonoscopy both were very unpleasant experiences. I remember waking up from the colonoscopy and being amazed and grateful that I was alive, it wasn’t that I was afraid I was going to die from the colonoscopy I just looked at it as if it was some major surgery or something. The results proved that the Doctor was right I had Crohn’s. My Mom threw herself into researching and many late nights reading books, there were some really weird theories out there like one was saying that you should get most of your water intake from fruits and veggies and only a little straight water?! At the same time the Doctor wanted me to go on Ensure full time as a meal substitute except on shabbat on Shabbat I could eat whatever I wanted, I was filled with dread at the thought of such an extreme diet. My Parents kept searching and praying for an answer. Finally we were given the book ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’, my parents started to read it and stuff started to make sense. It would be a very strict diet but I was in a very bad state, I was extremely pale,had no energy whatsoever, I could hardly smile because I was so weak, I had a very sickly posture  that was always hunched over,  I had stomach pains, I never seemed to be able to get full and I was extremely skinny .

A week or so after Pesach, seven years ago, I started the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ diet , my Parents told me that I would just try it out for a couple weeks and see what would happen, thinking that I would be back to my normal food in two weeks(not knowing it would become a two year journey!) I jumped in full time, sugar,milk and all carbs went out the door. Instead I had honey and lotsa almond flour based baked goods that hardly had any structure whatsoever,(my poor Mom and Savta they worked so hard to make me somewhat edible food!). It was hard no doubt about it, I cried many times when I was stuck eating my chicken while everybody ate Pizza and candy but it payed off. Life started trickling back into me, I suddenly had more energy, I wasn’t exhausted after chopping a simple salad instead I was making huge gorgeous salads and just after two weeks I had gained a whooping 2kg (about five pounds) the next week I gained another 2 kg! it was a miracle! God breathed life back into me and I was a totally new person.  From being sick and tired all the time I became healthy and strong, even my personality changed I used to always be very quiet, somewhat shy and I always went strictly by the rules I was kinda sober you could say, instead I became full of life I became lively,energetic and extremely happy.image

Everybody noticed the changes in me, my friends would say how much funner I was and then they would ask if they could try some of that weird food, surprisingly my picky friends loved my food! I would always bring extra for everybody else, funny memory I had a friend who would always pick out the pecans out of my trail mixes leaving me with all the almonds and walnuts! My classmates were extremely sweet and considerate with all the food I couldn’t eat, whenever I would go to one of their houses they were always determined to find something I could eat (even if it was an old rotting carrot:)  or when there would be a class party they would buy me the Apple chips I always ate, man I grew so tired of those chips! My family was extremely supportive through this time with them praying without ceasing and how hard all of them tried to make and buy food that I could eat!

God was so faithful to me through this whole time, I’m so thankful for the amazing lessons he taught me through these trails and that I learned them at such a young age (I was ten years old). Lessons of trust, hope and self control. Because of my Crohns I have such an amazing relationship with him.

This is actually just the beginning of my journey with crohns, we still need to cover five more years of the Crohns journey:)  I hope this encourages you in whatever trial that you are in, there is hope!


Chag Samech!

temporaryפסח שמח Peshach Samech my lovlies! Pesach is going to be here in less then an hour and I just wanted to stop by and say Chag Samech! All the preparations are almost done, the sidar plates are ready, the chickens done and looks amazing!, the tables are set up, salads made,  the charosets done, hopefully thete will be some left for tonight! Trying to keep my hands out of it! And ‘sourie wowie’ (my sourdough starters nickname) is all stored and put away in the fridge. Hopefully we will be ready, still need to take a shower and set the table, so I gotta go(:

I love Pesach! I love celabrating being free! We are sons and duaghters of the king of light! We are trully free. How above and beyond fortanate are we?!


Love you all! Have an amazing Pesach!


Outa Nowhere Trip to Eilat

Halloo! How are ya’ll? Guess where I just was- Eilat! Eilat is a four hour drive from where I live, it’s waaaay down south and is right on the red sea. This trip was totally unexpected, my Dad had a moving job from Hertzalia all the way down to Eilat. So the night before my Dad asked my brother if he wanted to come with him and help with the moving I overheard him and said I wanted to go too, I haven’t been to eilat in 10+ years, but he said he only had room for one person because the customer was coming with him. Next morning I woke up and he told me that I could come! The customer was flying to Eilat in the end so there was room for me! Excitingly I canceled all what I had planned for the day and quickly got dressed and grabbed some food.  I made a huge whey protein smoothie super quickly and headed out the door!

Once we got to Hertzalia me and my brother started loading up the truck while my Father did the packing. We finished in an hour or so and from there we started the long five hour drive to Eilat. Ugh I hate being stuck in a car, but somehow I survived, we listened to a Gamra class, talked and listened to lotsa music. I love how the view changed so much while driving from the green field around the Shifla to the more desserty view.

Here’s some pictures from the beginning of our trip, and you get a glimpse at my beautiful relaxing feet. Sadly I’m the only one ,it seems, that admires my feet:).   20170327_152515  This little truck kinda slowed us down a bit. Then we finally made a gas station stop and I totally made myself look like a goofball with all those jumping jacks and pushups. Haha! Who cares?! I felt more sane after that, but only for a little. I started singing a bunch of songs that we sing for memorial day and my brother decided it was a good time to resume the music.  I seem to be the only one to appreciate the sound of my voice, too. Ha!

Ooh! but here’s one of the best parts of the trip, we stopped for a couple minutes at an outlook looking over Mitzpe-Rimon it was beautiful! 20170327_15490820170327_155633

anddd then these cute little Ibexes walked up to us! Do you see them? They wanted food! and well, umm we couldn’t say no.20170327_155146

Just look at them! They ate straight out of our hands! It was so cool! 20170327_155534

You wanna hear a funny story? You see those papers I’m holding , there my brothers math homework papers, that he brought to do while driving. He left them on the dashboard of the truck and my father went and opened the door and right then there was a strong wind that blew all his math papers out the door and over the valley. For some odd reason I was the only one running after his math papers!  We continued and finally we saw the Eilat mountains! We’re getting close!20170327_17084520170327_170854

Aren’t they stunning! Finally we made it to Eilat! We quickly unloaded the trucks and headed to the beach!IMG-20170329-WA0008

It was almost dark by the time we actually got in the water! The water was FREEZING! but it felt sooo good to finally be in the water that I stayed in the water for like fifteen minutes, once I got out of the water my fingers were numb! I was sorta on a high from finally being in the water that it took me a few minutes to notest! We changed and then my dad took us out to dinner which was super nice! Of course the poor waiter was quizzed to death about every little nitty gritty ingredient in the food, the food was really good, I had an israeli Salad with Pargiot and tahinni. With our tummies nicely full (well at least myn) we made the LONG way back home. We finally made it home exhausted around midnight. We were tired but we made some really cool memories!


Ein Kerem Hiking Trip!

Halloo my dear peeps! Three weeks ago was my 17th birthday and for my B-day I really just wanted to go hiking, I love parties but I don’t really care for being the center of attention of the party I rather go hiking.  Also the weather was super nice so I was just aching to get out and to get to use my camera some more. My grandfather took me and a couple of my siblings off to Ein kerem, Ein kerem is in Jerusalem and is surrounded by the Jerusalem forest, the town itself is an art colonie, peoples gardens there are really unique and artsie. We went into a chocolate store there and I bought some organic cocoa beans they sounded so puristy and superfoodiesh  and I thought I’d like them, I feel so unpuristy now but they were pretty yuck. There I said it I’m a total purist traitor. I’m not quite sure what to do with them, nobody else in my family likes them. Well here’s one puristy point at least I didn’t spit them out when I first tried them like the rest of my family I actually ate two of them.  Have you ever tried raw cocoa beans? aren’t they pretty? Look at that color!image

Then after the chocolate store we sat and ate lunch and I found a ripe passion fruit on a vine! Lucky me! image

Then we started hiking towards Even Sapir and I was defiantly lugging behind taking all these pictures!image    This tree was so pretty!image

Then I walked pass a blooming almond tree that was buzzing with bumblebees! So I was able to snap this picture. I love bumblebees! There so cute! I still love ’em even though I’ve gotten stung by them. Well that was kinda my fault since I sorta stepped on it. Yah, don’t go walking around clovers buzzing with bees barefoot, lesson learned. Look at this bumblebee isn’t he a great poser?  imageAlmond trees were blooming everywhere now all the almond trees are covered with new green leaves.

imageIsn’t this pass just breathtaking? I was in heaven!image

Once we left Ein Kerem we went up and took a trail going through a mountain which was gorgeous, since we could see the view and all the mountains around us. I live in avery pretty country:). imageimageimage

At this point my cousin and sister were complaining like heck, so me and my grandfather and brother sped up and let them groan to themselves.  Then we made it to a cave that had freezing cold water in it and my grandfather went in and I was debating with myself if I wanted to go in but before I made up my mind I found myself pulling off my boots and walking in, I have a very strong pull towards water even towards very cold and trashy water! The water actually  got ,towards the end, chest high but knee high was enough for me!  bwww it was COLD!image

Then we hiked around a little more and headed home! It was such a fun day! Are you planing any hiking trips this spring? I’m hoping to do some more hiking on my Pesach vacation it’s only a week away. Yahoo!

Have a great week!


Kefir Fruit Blast Smoothie- THM E

imageOh guys! I have a yummy one here! Using one of my favorite dairy products… KEFIR! I love kefir and kefir is so so so good for your gut! Last week I got a nasty stomach bug, Kefir and Propolis helped tremendously! Have you ever tried eating just the kefir babies? Like not the actual cultured milk but the seeds that culture it? There gross and slimy but they are superheroes when it comes to fighting off the ‘bad guys’ bacteria. I dare you to try a few if your a kefir maker.

A week ago I went hiking for my Birthday, which was a ton of fun! After hiking  we stopped at a fruit shake stand and I splurged and got a fruit shake, not the most THM friendly since they use freshly squeezed orange juice, but my blood sugar was low so I kinda needed it.  I think for me personally it’s not such a bad choice, since I’m at goal weight and I’m still on the young side so I can handle it better then most old folks (that probably wasn’t the best way to put it I’m supposing, sorry old folks out there!). Anyways I was craving a fruit smoothie a couple days ago, like the one they make at the stands, but I didn’t want to use orange juice so I threw a couple things together and came up with this more blood sugar friendly smoothie that tasted even better then the one at the stand!  Give it a try!image


  • One and a half cups low fat double fermented kefir
  • One small frozen orange peeled (or half a large orange)
  • One small frozen banana
  • One cup Raspberries
  • 1-2 Doonks of Stevia


  1. Blend the banana, orange and kefir until smooth.
  2. Add the Raspberries and stevia. Taste and own it! That’s it!


  • This smoothie will still come out good if you just use fresh banana and orange, but it wont be as thick and creamy as with the frozen banana and orange. At the stands here all there fruit is frozen and that’s what helps ’em make it so Icy and refreshing.

DSCN0738 By the way, how was your Purim? I had a lot of fun! We handed out Meshloch Manot to random people which was super special. Then we got together with family and friends for a Grill out and some games. And then of coarse there is all the customs! That was fun! I dressed up to a few things at night I dressed up to a seeing eye dog and my brother was a blind man to a party we went to that night, then as a joke the next day I dressed up to my dad and then I dressed up to a troll with my cousin and a friend for the grill out. Needles to say I had a blast. image



Spring’s Coming PEOPLE!

temporarySprings right around the corner people! As you can imagine I’m pertty excited! This time right now is so pretty! All the wildflowers are blooming, everything is green and the almond trees are in full bloom. On thursday me and my family went to a nature park for a few hours, it was so nice to get out for a little and be out in the sunshine enjoying all these beautiful flowers. I had a blast taking pictures of all the flowers with my new camera!  I really do enjoy photography. ooh! I forgot to mention that my cousin who I haven’t seen in seven years is coming to Israel!! I’m gonna go pick her up from the airport with my dad in an hour or so! So excited to meet her! We’re gonna have so much fun. It will be great to actually have a cousin my age, most of my cousins are under the age of nine (not complaining! I love those little guys! It just will be great to have someone my real, live age:). Here are some pictures from that day!


temporaryWe used to have a cherry tree in our backyard and every spring I’d go out and shake it’s flowers and sing It’s snowing! It’s snowing! So i just had to do that with the almond tree.


temporary The rosemary is blooming! It’s so pretty!

There was an herd of goats and sheep there, it was so funny this flock of birds kept riding on there backs! Probably eating all the fleece on them, never seen anything like it!

The view there was stunning!

I love red poppies! so pretty! some of my sibs, we are all doin’ are own thing!

Also it’s the month of Adar! It’s gonna be busy busy busy, my Mom has a birthday this Wednesday , myns right after hers on Sunday(EEK I’m turning 17!!), then Purim is the next saturday night then the week after that on Sunday is my Grandmother’s yahrzeit( marking a year since she died).  I still can’t believe she’s not with us, or that somehow I survived a year without her. She really was like a second Mother to me, we were so close. Somehow you have to keep pushing forward and hold on to that hope we have, that one day we will be reunited, without all the flaws of this world. Won’t it be amazing?



I Feel so ALIVE!

imageHelloooo! How are y’all doing over there? surviving the winter blues? Have you ever felt dead but you were actually still alive(that doesn’t make much sense now does it?), like your body is totally falling apart and your just decaying but then miraculously suddenly you felt like you were given life and you feel so alive suddenly? I have, I have experienced it countless times where God just pulled me out of my pain and disease and set me free, where he literately breathed life into me. I think it’s a place G-d wants us to be when we are on our faces drugged down with harsh circumstances, addictions, bad emotions and spirits and we throw it all on him and he sets us free, he brings us life. Which shouldn’t be surprising since he is the way the truth and the life.

Let’s be honest a second, very few of us actually wake up saying, ‘wow I’m alive! It’s a miracle!’ But it is!! So why don’t we? Why do we take so much for granted without even thinking about it? Let’s change that. God didn’t mean for us to drag through the day just trying to survive another day on this earth, we were meant to thrive through our day, to be alive. If he’s life and we are meant to be like our father then why don’t we act as if we are full of life? Remind yourself every day that he has set us free! We belong to the kingdom of life not death, stomp it in Satan’s face I choose life and I will live in the kingdom of life forever.  Do you feel it? WE ARE ALIVE! and we have a choice every day, are you gonna change your perspective and make it full of life?

Start  with thanking him for EVERYTHING, ask him to show you things that you take for granted, and acknowledge that you are a walking miracle. (and if you have doubts about being a miracle are not, maybe you should go back and learn some anatomy:) So you wanna join me in a I’M ALIVE PEOPLE happy dance? ok, ok you don’t have to take it that far I’ll just dance by myself. Talking about alive here’s a great song check it out-

img_1577By the way springs right around the corner! The almond trees are blooming!! wooohooo!

Love you guys! Avigail


Singing Sunshine Smoothie-THM E


So who’s ready for spring and summer?? MEEEEEEEE! I’m dying for summer to be here already! Lately we’ve been having warm, sunny days it’s been amazing! I love the sunshine! Today my Abba was off work, so we had a grill out for lunch outside. It was so nice, lotsa good food and lotsa sunshine, needles to say I’m Happy, Happy Happy:). Food+Sunshine+Family=Happy Avigail.

Back to Singing Sunshine Smoothie, even if it isn’t quite warm where you live this smoothie can bring you that summery zang! I’t super duper yum! Creamy,Zingy and just amazing! I’t make me happy ’cause it so yummy and also ’cause is so so so good for you! Let my purist brain rumble on a bit about why it is so  good for, In this smoothie you have a whole lemon and orange including the white part of the peel, so this baby is loaded in vitamin c’ , anti-oxidants, anti-cancer properties. It helps with digestion, weight lose, flushing out toxins, speeding the metabolism, lowering cholesterol, boosting your immune system and improving your heart health! Also there is a 1/4 tsp of turmeric in here (or you can put more, I put 1/2 tsp) and we all know turmeric is amazing for you! You can also add some vitamin c powder for a vitamin c boost! Let’s make this Baby!avigail-b500-photos-155


  • One Orange (peeled leaving as much white part as possible)
  • One Lemon (peeled leaving as much white part as possible)*
  • 1/3 of a large Banana
  • One Cup Almond Milk
  • 4-6 doonks stevia
  • 1/4 tsp Turmeric
  • Optional: vitamin c or amla powder.
  • 8-16 Ice Cubes**
  • 1/4 Cup Whey Protein Powder***


  1.  Peel the orange and lemon and put in the blender with the 1/3 banana and 1 Cup Almond Milk, blend.
  2. Add Stevia to taste and the 1/4 tsp turmeric and vitamin c if using, blend again:).
  3. Blend the Ice Cubes, taste it and tweek it to your liking, more stevia, more lemon etc’.
  4. Add the whey powder, blend it for just a few seconds until it’s just incorporated, don’t let it froth up! Pour and ENJOYYY! avigail-b500-photos-152


*If you don’t like stuff tart, use only half a lemon, I love tart so I put the whole lemon in.

**If you don’t want this shake cold and icy just stick to eight ice cubes.

***You can use 2 Tbs of collagen or 3/4 of a cup of cottage