Spring’s Coming PEOPLE!

temporarySprings right around the corner people! As you can imagine I’m pertty excited! This time right now is so pretty! All the wildflowers are blooming, everything is green and the almond trees are in full bloom. On thursday me and my family went to a nature park for a few hours, it was so nice to get out for a little and be out in the sunshine enjoying all these beautiful flowers. I had a blast taking pictures of all the flowers with my new camera!  I really do enjoy photography. ooh! I forgot to mention that my cousin who I haven’t seen in seven years is coming to Israel!! I’m gonna go pick her up from the airport with my dad in an hour or so! So excited to meet her! We’re gonna have so much fun. It will be great to actually have a cousin my age, most of my cousins are under the age of nine (not complaining! I love those little guys! It just will be great to have someone my real, live age:). Here are some pictures from that day!


temporaryWe used to have a cherry tree in our backyard and every spring I’d go out and shake it’s flowers and sing It’s snowing! It’s snowing! So i just had to do that with the almond tree.


temporary The rosemary is blooming! It’s so pretty!

There was an herd of goats and sheep there, it was so funny this flock of birds kept riding on there backs! Probably eating all the fleece on them, never seen anything like it!

The view there was stunning!

I love red poppies! so pretty! some of my sibs, we are all doin’ are own thing!

Also it’s the month of Adar! It’s gonna be busy busy busy, my Mom has a birthday this Wednesday , myns right after hers on Sunday(EEK I’m turning 17!!), then Purim is the next saturday night then the week after that on Sunday is my Grandmother’s yahrzeit( marking a year since she died).  I still can’t believe she’s not with us, or that somehow I survived a year without her. She really was like a second Mother to me, we were so close. Somehow you have to keep pushing forward and hold on to that hope we have, that one day we will be reunited, without all the flaws of this world. Won’t it be amazing?




Oil Pulling- Benefits and what No one Tells You

image Hellooo my peeps! I hope all is well with y’all! Soo I’ve been oil pulling for about a year now, pretty consistently. I actually  stopped  for a couple days cause I got my wisdom tooth pulled out, only one of my wisdom teeth got pulled out,  I can sorta chew on the other side, so I can eat some solids thank-god! But I’ll probably oil pull tonight again, but not for long since my jaw’s  pretty sore. Anyway back to oil pulling!

You probably already know how to oil pull, pretty much you stick a Tablespoon or two of either coconut, olive or sesame oil and swish it around your mouth up to twenty minutes.  Buttt just to warn you sesame oil taste DISGUSTING taken straight, and this is coming from a huge sesame oil fane! The only reason I think people list it, is because this oil pulling method comes from India and that is the oil used there, my hunch.

Now onto the Benefits! 

1. Cleans your teeth like no otha! It really just comes in and sanctions out all plaque, debris and bad bacteria!

2. It whitens your teeth! Yay! (I have to admit, I didn’t notice a drastic change, but overall my teeth are definitely whiter then last year!)

3. It sucks out mucos! (This is kinda gross😝, but if you gotta bad cold, you’ll notice towards the end of your pulling, your swishing around some mucos in there!)

There are lots of more benefits of oil pulling but these are the ones that I personally noticed.


What Nobody will Tell you about Oil Pulling

1. Don’t oil pull if your nose is stuffed up! This happened to me I had a really bad cold, and so I stuck the oil in, and walla I could hardly breath(; didn’t tottaly think that one through! Haha

2. Sneezing and coughing! If you sneeze or cough while oil pulling, say goodbye to all your oil! Hehe I grossed out a couple siblings by sneezing while oil pulling. Now they know to stay FAR away from me while oil pulling!

3. If you oil pull while taking a shower, make sure you have everything you need before you shower. Trust me nobody’s gonna understand your gurgling shouts for soap 😂 ! Or if your trying to get instructions for how to put the new shower hose on, forget it man.

4. Make sure nobody’s using the hot water while your in the shower, cold showers-not fun.

5. Last but not least make sure your coconut oil doesn’t have any funky stuff in it, swishing coconut oil with sugar, not sure how beneficial that is or turmeric blech 😳.

Enjoy oil pulling! (:


Understanding Anti-oxidants

image(This is a very basic explanation of anti-oxidants, there is a ton of more in depth articles and more scientificly written ones, it’s worth learning more about the topic it’s very fascinating! Here is my humble, simpleton explanation, enjoy!)

Antioxidants. We see it written everywhere, blah blah blah is high in anti-oxidants, anti-oxidants, anti-oxidants… So what’s the big deal about anti-oxidants?  We all know that anti-oxidants are good for you. But we don’t really get why. Probably they kill some bad germies or sompin’ like dat’.  WRONG!

To  explain what anti-oxidants our, we gotta know what oxidation is, oxisidation is the process were free radicals weaken and eventually destroy the cell. Free radicals are the ‘bad guys’ (no scientific confusing names in this post! I like to keep to baddies and goodies:). We get free radicals from metabolizing food, inflammation, environmental toxins(such as fluoride, pesticides and herbicides, MSG etc’), Radation and low magnesium. So there’s really no way of avoiding Free radicals( of coarse you should try and avoid chemicals!) How does our body protect itself from these free radicals?  Drumroll…

ANTIOXIDANTS! G-d created anti-oxidants to protect our cells from these free radicals! This is a fascinating process, so free radicals are unpaired Electrons (there our batchlers) and Always prefer to come in pairs(they don’t like being single) so they will steel themself an electron from whatever is close by (DNA molecules, proteins etc’, I like thinking of it as them steeling a wife) that’s how they destroy the cell. Now the anti-oxidant works as a the missing electron( anti-oxidants can be thought as a bunch of bachelorettes, hehe this analogy is getting weird😉). So when there is a free radical the antioxidant goes and pairs off with the free radical that way the free radical isn’t really free anymore, it doesn’t need to Rob anything from the cell, thus not hurting the cell! image

Can you see now why antioxidant are so great? Cells are the most ‘basic’ form of life! So if are cells are weak  that means we are prob to disease and sickness, weakend cells are linked to every disease! Strong and healthy cells will keep us strong and healthy, Anti-oxidants play a huge part of protecting our cells! Pretty coll right?! So now I hope you understand how this amazing network works!


Hoooray for anti-oxidants! So know you can go enjoy yourself a chunk of choclate(Not milky, sugary choclate!) and a yummy bowl of berries, with a cup of real coffee and think of all the benefits your getting from such a treat!לבריאות