Finding Balance with Exercise


I have a problem, I don’t actually have any exercise pictures for my exercise/fitness posts. Because pictures of me exercising are just not worth taking let’s not talk about posting on here! Yah me all sweaty with half of my hair braided and the other half coming out of a braid, toothpaste splats on my t-shirt etc’ I’ll spare you! So I’m trying to think of a connection of this picture to this post, ummm give me a minute this is a hard one.Ooh I think I have something, ok so I’m a geene and am going to fulfill your wish to have exercise balance!  Ok that was a little lame if you have a better connection then let me know!

Now to fulfill your wish to having a balanced approach to exercise. I think that the most efficient way to exercise is to vary the type of exercise you do. That was the problem I found with kettle bell workouts, there is this mentality that kettlebells are the only way to exercise, and that you dont need any other sort of exercise. As much as I love kettle bell workouts I think it needs to be balanced. Kettle bells really work to strengthen the core which is amazing! Actually, I noticed a huge improvement in my posture once I started using the kettle bell! Problem is your core needs extra time to rest and rebuild muscle, atleast two days, unlike your abs/arms/legs which only need one day. So if your doing a kettle bell workout five days a week, it’s really too much for your core and it needs more time to rest. There’s a place for kettle bell workouts but it all needs to be balanced.

I’ve found that ever since I’ve been balancing my KB workouts with some Pilates, Barre, Dumbell workouts and cardio, I’ve become a lot stronger and I’ve learned so many more techniques. Don’t get stuck in a rut of the same workouts, change it up! There is so many fun workouts out there!

Also having a  balanced approach to the amount of time of working out is key! Working out for over 45 minutes six days a week is wayy to much! Your heading for major adrenal fatigue with that much working out. Keep to 20-30 minutes 4-5 times a week and you’ll find yourself much stronger!

Here are some of my favorite workout trainers on YouTube-

For kettle bells-

Lauren brooks- Best trainer for learning good form and your basic kettle bell mooves, also has some great workouts on YouTube!

Holly Rigsby- Great Trainer has some great tips for good kettle bell form and your regular exercises without kettle bells, a couple great workouts too.

FitnessbyAmy- she has the most variety of workouts, kettle bells, cardio, Tabata etc’ you name it she’ll have it!

and last but not least Suzanna Bowen!-Master of the barre! I’ve learned so much from her workouts, from breathing techniques to power house engagement, she’s awesome!

Keep learning and keep changing it up! Let’s have some FUN! And remember it’s a privilege to be able to move its a miracle! We weren’t ment to sit around all day and just rust! We were born to move! Stay active don’t just workout for 20 minutes a day and call yourself good for the day, go play outside, go jump on a trampoline, dance around to some music, take the stairs over the elevator, your going up stairs? That’s good, race up the stairs! Excellent! Go scrub the bathtub(; go roughhouse with one of your siblings or kids. The ideas are endless for staying active!  Just get up and move!




Fun Arms+Cardio Killer Workout


Go climb a tree!! Just kidding! This picture is from this past summer when we went up north and went tree jumping, it was fun but the climb wow that was intense! I’m one of those odd people that just love love loves to exercise! I love almost any form of exercise except RUNNING! In this workout I’ve combined my favorite exercises that work the arm muscles with some fun cardio Intervals. The idea behind this workout is get in your classic arm exercises, that really help tone and strengthen your arms while mixing in cardio intervals that get your heart thumpin’ that most arm exercises don’t do as much. While you’re doing your cardio intervals your arms and wrists are getting a little break and while you’re doing your arm exercises you’re letting your heart rate drop. Do you see hows this works? If not don’t worry, you’ll get it once you do this workout.

This is how it works, you’re going to do 15-20 reps of the arm exercise(this is a general amount you can do less or more according to your level) , 30 seconds of cardio, 10 second breather( you get a break) . Then repeat with a different arm exercise or with the other side. I’m going to show you how I like to do this workout but feel free to mix and change around stuff this is just an example. This workout takes about 15-20 minutes, depends on how fast you do your arm exercises and how long you make your warmup and cool down! Take your time with the arm exercises and make sure you have good form!

Are you ready? Grab a pair of dumbbells,get a stop watch, crank up some music and lets have some fun! (optional jump rope).

 The Workout!

Warm up- Start off with a short warm up, make sure to warm up your spine. Do some arm swings, roll through your back, roll those shoulder, reach down and touch your toes etc’.


  •  15-20 Reps on each side bicep curls. 30 seconds Jumping Jacks. 10 Second breather.
  •  15-20 Reps on each side Triceps Kickbacks.30 seconds high knees.10 second breather. 
  • 15-20 Reps of Rows on each side. 30 second but kicks. 10 second breather.
  • 15-20 High pules. 30 seconds Jumping rope. 10 second breather.

Midway, going down for some mat work. (Take an extra second to drink a little water and catch your breath)

  • 15-20 push ups with dumbbells,do a pushup row one hand then the other. 30 seconds Skaters. 10 second breather.
  • 15-20 chest press on back. 30 seconds Jumping Jacks. 10 second breather.
  • 15-20 Triceps Extensions on back. 30 seconds Jump Squats. DONE!

Cool down- Walk it out a bit catch your breath, Do some stretches and drink lotsa water!! You did awesomeeee! Way To Go!!

Have FUN with this if you hate Jumping Jacks switch it for something you enjoy more. and if you just plain dumb hate everything… then we have some stuff to work on😉Haha…