Ein Kerem Hiking Trip!

Halloo my dear peeps! Three weeks ago was my 17th birthday and for my B-day I really just wanted to go hiking, I love parties but I don’t really care for being the center of attention of the party I rather go hiking.  Also the weather was super nice so I was just aching to get out and to get to use my camera some more. My grandfather took me and a couple of my siblings off to Ein kerem, Ein kerem is in Jerusalem and is surrounded by the Jerusalem forest, the town itself is an art colonie, peoples gardens there are really unique and artsie. We went into a chocolate store there and I bought some organic cocoa beans they sounded so puristy and superfoodiesh  and I thought I’d like them, I feel so unpuristy now but they were pretty yuck. There I said it I’m a total purist traitor. I’m not quite sure what to do with them, nobody else in my family likes them. Well here’s one puristy point at least I didn’t spit them out when I first tried them like the rest of my family I actually ate two of them.  Have you ever tried raw cocoa beans? aren’t they pretty? Look at that color!image

Then after the chocolate store we sat and ate lunch and I found a ripe passion fruit on a vine! Lucky me! image

Then we started hiking towards Even Sapir and I was defiantly lugging behind taking all these pictures!image    This tree was so pretty!image

Then I walked pass a blooming almond tree that was buzzing with bumblebees! So I was able to snap this picture. I love bumblebees! There so cute! I still love ’em even though I’ve gotten stung by them. Well that was kinda my fault since I sorta stepped on it. Yah, don’t go walking around clovers buzzing with bees barefoot, lesson learned. Look at this bumblebee isn’t he a great poser?  imageAlmond trees were blooming everywhere now all the almond trees are covered with new green leaves.

imageIsn’t this pass just breathtaking? I was in heaven!image

Once we left Ein Kerem we went up and took a trail going through a mountain which was gorgeous, since we could see the view and all the mountains around us. I live in avery pretty country:). imageimageimage

At this point my cousin and sister were complaining like heck, so me and my grandfather and brother sped up and let them groan to themselves.  Then we made it to a cave that had freezing cold water in it and my grandfather went in and I was debating with myself if I wanted to go in but before I made up my mind I found myself pulling off my boots and walking in, I have a very strong pull towards water even towards very cold and trashy water! The water actually  got ,towards the end, chest high but knee high was enough for me!  bwww it was COLD!image

Then we hiked around a little more and headed home! It was such a fun day! Are you planing any hiking trips this spring? I’m hoping to do some more hiking on my Pesach vacation it’s only a week away. Yahoo!

Have a great week!


Spring’s Coming PEOPLE!

temporarySprings right around the corner people! As you can imagine I’m pertty excited! This time right now is so pretty! All the wildflowers are blooming, everything is green and the almond trees are in full bloom. On thursday me and my family went to a nature park for a few hours, it was so nice to get out for a little and be out in the sunshine enjoying all these beautiful flowers. I had a blast taking pictures of all the flowers with my new camera!  I really do enjoy photography. ooh! I forgot to mention that my cousin who I haven’t seen in seven years is coming to Israel!! I’m gonna go pick her up from the airport with my dad in an hour or so! So excited to meet her! We’re gonna have so much fun. It will be great to actually have a cousin my age, most of my cousins are under the age of nine (not complaining! I love those little guys! It just will be great to have someone my real, live age:). Here are some pictures from that day!


temporaryWe used to have a cherry tree in our backyard and every spring I’d go out and shake it’s flowers and sing It’s snowing! It’s snowing! So i just had to do that with the almond tree.


temporary The rosemary is blooming! It’s so pretty!

There was an herd of goats and sheep there, it was so funny this flock of birds kept riding on there backs! Probably eating all the fleece on them, never seen anything like it!

The view there was stunning!

I love red poppies! so pretty! some of my sibs, we are all doin’ are own thing!

Also it’s the month of Adar! It’s gonna be busy busy busy, my Mom has a birthday this Wednesday , myns right after hers on Sunday(EEK I’m turning 17!!), then Purim is the next saturday night then the week after that on Sunday is my Grandmother’s yahrzeit( marking a year since she died).  I still can’t believe she’s not with us, or that somehow I survived a year without her. She really was like a second Mother to me, we were so close. Somehow you have to keep pushing forward and hold on to that hope we have, that one day we will be reunited, without all the flaws of this world. Won’t it be amazing?





I gotta a real camera!!! I can’t believe it’s finally in my hands!! This morning when my brother brought my package in, I just couldn’t leave it alone! Only problem was that I didn’t know that I needed a memory card so all the space this camera could  hold was like five pictures! I kept taking pictures and deleting them:). I just got a memory card so hopefully Ill be able to take lotsa pictures this weekend! I’m going up north to the chermon with Friends for Shabbat, so ill have lotsa stuff to take pictures off! It will be my first time up at the chermon, I am exited! It will be fun! The zoom on this Nikon b500 is CRAZY! I’m also super exited to be able to have better quality  photos on here. This is a huge improvement then taking photos with this:temporary

Yep, It was super duper challenging taking photos with this totally smashed and busted up Iphone 5. The most challenging was this bright line you would get at the top, you might have noticed it in a couple photos of mine, like this one-image

So now you know the behind the scenes of  the pictures here:)

What have you been up to lately? I’ve been babysitting, working, volunteering,baking, some loom knitting, gardening, I got my passport! Yay! I went to the kotel  which was such an awesome refresher, oooh and I got a nose ring(at first it feels so weird! but you get used to it)! Also we are putting together a show with the group of girls I counsel, so lotsa practicing! I actually have a rehearsal in like a half hour so I need to hurry up and I still need to pack for this trip! were leaving at four in the morning… blech… so i gotta go… one last thing, look at this awesome tie pie my grandfather built!temporary

and one last picturetemporary

winter has the prettiest sunsets!

Have a great weekend!



‘Fall’ in Israel-and Ein Gedi

Hellooo! Its been getting cooler here in Israel, it’s getting dark earlier, and we had our first rain last week, we always get exited from the first rain! ( but then I get sick and tired of it, I am dying for warmer season so we can go to the beach! I have a very hard time not going to the beach during the cooler season!) anyway Back to fall(:, and all the fruit on the citrus trees are ripening! What’s funny about the fall here is that you could have a tottaly cloudy and rainy day, but the next day will be absolutely gorgeous with bright blue sky. Actually most days in the fall are like that, warm with pretty blue sky and only occasionally there will be rain. Once I read a poem called “fall not very falley”(it was in Hebrew). It was all about how Fall in Israel is warm, all the citrus fruits are ripening etc, how it’s not really like ‘fall’. It described fall pretty well(:.


A  Klemantinah tree, almost ripe!image

An orange tree, still not quite ready!

Then today we went to Ein Gedai, which is down in the Negev(in the dessert) and it was really warm! Ein Gedi is sooo pretty. Here are a few pictures from today!

The right photo was the view, that was behind us and the left photo is the view that was in front of us.  That’s the Dead Sea behind.

The water was colddd, but it was fun to get under the waterfalls! Can you spy the ibex in the right picture? They were so cute!

At the end the was this gorgeous waterfall and cave (that you weren’t really supposed to go into, but don’t tell anyone kay?).


Hope y’all are having a great fall! Coming soon are some fall inspired recipes, stay tuned!


Chagim Cookin’s

So I thought I would share some of the yummy food that’s been coming out of our kitchen the past couple weeks, with all the chagim! I’m so exited, Sukot is just around the corner! It’s my favorite holiday!! What is your favorite holiday?

Sourdough challah! Didn’t it rise beautifully?! This is a triple batch of my recipe!

The challah braided and baked with a honey glaze!! It was pretty Amazin’. If I say so myself!

Sourdough Apple Braid! I’m tottaly drooling here! 😋

imageApple and carrot with a bunch of other stuff koogle i put in it apples, carrots,zucchini,onion,white radishes and a sweet potato:). It came out ok, need to do some treeking on it.

imageSourdough Cinnamon Rolls!  Can you tell Ive been having tons of fun with my sourdough?! they aint the prettiest but there good. My lil sistah loves to eat straight dough,haha, I need to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t eat the whole batch! We made so much more food but I wasn’t able to take pictures of it all!

image A little garden peek, my stevia plant is blooming! isn’t it pretty!

Have a Chag Samech!



Summer 2016

This summer has been an awesome summer! It has been so much fun! It had just the right balance between busy but still restful and laidback. So here is a few of the stuff I did and places I went, enjoy!!


I went to the dead sea which was totally FUN!

I went to the Kineret(sea of galilee), and got to ride that cool thing!

Fun times downtown Jerusalem! Trying to be a fountain!

Volunteering at an organic farm, bensfarm. Was so much Fun!


I caught my first fish in a creek up north and I got to go tree jumping! Fun times!


Making Sourdough Challah!! Recipe coming SOON! Stayed tuned!


Gardening! Extending my herb garden and working in my veggie Garden.

isn’t the baby basil, so cute?!

Grape picking! and making grape juice!

and so much more, I taught  my younger sibs Hebrew, volunteered at Ba’ad Chaim, B-day parties, Shopping, learn how to make kombucha, learned more about Nutrition and Herbs, went to the Pool, spent time with Family and friends and so much more!!

Hoped you guys had a great Summer!!


Tishah Bav:at the Kotel


This past Tishah Bav, I went down to the Kotel(western wall). It is just so amazing! Standing down by the wall, with hundreds of other people, all praying, crying, mourning, yearning, and singing. You feel so connected, to your people, to this land, to Jerusalem, to G-d.

When we all stand there by the wall, orthodox, mesortie, chilonei we are all one. It is so deep.


Walking through the the old city to the Kotel.image

עם ישראל חי!  Am Yisrael Chai!

On the funnier side, when the fast was finally out and we could eat and drink, I was waiting in line to wash my hands (נטילת ידיים) so I could eat bread, a lady brought her toothbrush and was brushing her teeth! 😂 (During the fast you are not allowed to brush your teeth, yep it’s gross.) she kept saying:”I just can’t do it! I just can’t eat without brushing my teeth!”

״אני פשוט לא יכולה כך! פשוט לא יכולה לאכול בלי לצחצח שיניים״

So that was pretty funny! Have a great day!