Israeli Ice Coffee-THM FP

20170713_151123 (2)

Yep yep my friend here is anootherrrr Ice coffee recipe, so why am I sharing another ice coffee recipe when there are another 101 THM iced coffee recipes? Because myns special myns like no ‘otha! Did you notice that there are no floating ice cubes up there? Yep nada! So instead there is 28 crushed ice cubes up there, ah yah 28 insane. So I hope you have lots of ice cubes on hand so you can make this! Ok also I called this israeli ice coffee because, not because we necessarily invented it ’cause we probably didn’t, but actually because this is the only kind of ice coffee you can find here, we only serve ONE kind so when I think of ice coffee I think of coffee that is blended up with tons of ice, like a slushy almost.

The first time I had my own Ice coffee was when I was nine, my Grandmother bought it for me, boy did I feel so grown up! I remember drinking it in the car on the way home and thinking ‘I’m gonna prove to everyone how big I am ,by not going crazy from the caffeine, I’m going to act like a grown up lady’ HA! Well somehow I told myself that it was perfectly normal for ‘grown up ladies’ like me, to spin around like crazy in the living room and jump from coach to coach screaming  ‘superman tadadam’ and for big people like me to stay up until midnight jumping on there bed (man I used to have the bounciest bed in the world, that bed was so much fun, I was so upset when we got rid of it). Yah, perfectly normal… I’ve always loved coffee, I would always offer my Mom to make her coffee so I could steal some to myself:), thank God I tolerate caffeine much better now and act ‘perfectly normal’ around coffee, well if you consider  singing about ‘oooh how I love coffee…’ and having a good happy dance every time I’m gonna drink coffee normal. Then I’m good.אייס-קפה-ומוזלי

Needles to say our ice coffees are so badddd for your health, loaded with sugar-check, loaded with powdered milk and other unknown ‘powders’-check, anyway STAY FAR AWAY! You can find better ways to support Israel then by buying our Ice coffee:), if you need ideas just contact me, hehe! Onward to ‘de RECIPE!


  • One cup(measuring cup) of your favorite kind of coffee (make it STRONG!)
  • Favorite Low glycemic Sweetener*
  • Tablespoon of coconut milk
  • Optional dash of vanilla extract
  • 28 ice cubes (not a typo)
  • Half a scoop of whey powder**20170713_150908 (2) 




  1. Blend the coffee,coconut milk and sweetener and vanilla if you want, in a blender.
  2. Add the 28 ice cubes, and let it blend and blend and blend… (yah it takes awhile for it to get all crushed up), try it and see if you want more sweet, more vanilla etc’
  3. Add the 1/2 scoop of whey powder and blend for a second just until it’s incorporated, don’t let it get frothy! DONE! Wasn’t that easy?!


*Use your favorite sweetener in coffee, you don’t even have to sweeten it but I like it sweet, I usually sweeten it with about 1 teaspoon of coconut sugar and another tablespoon of gentle sweet, so just taste and treek to your liking!

**You don’t have to put the whey in, it makes it slightly creamier but it’s not a must, Collagen would also work instead if you can’t have dairy.

So now you can have Ice coffee with your homemade sourdough bagels recipe here.




Me Rants ’bout flying

image (The rants of Avigail as she flies for over ellen hours…sheesh)

Right now I’m writting from above !!  Up in the sky, look it’s a plane nooo it’s… I used to watch  superman cartoons all the time… Another three hours and a half to go… Ahhh I can’t stand sitting much longer !  Like how many movies can you watch for crying out loud ?!  More like how many bathroom visits can you make ?!  My poor tooshie, it’s never had to sit for this stinkin’ long. Buttt it feels much better after this last bathroom visit… Yes yes yes I figured out a few exercises that can be done in the air plaine bathroom, I must admit it took a few bathroom runs to figure it out but here goes-(these make you feel so much better ! )

1.Wall sit, it’s just barley big , line up against the wall across from the sink and slowly slide down to a 90 degree angel making sure your knees don’t pass your toes, most likely they can’t since there is no more room. Haha !  And hold this position as long as you dare keep the people outside waiting… To make this more challenging so you don’t take so long, raise your heels and hold the position on your tippie toes. You can support yourself with the sink if you dare touch it( : . enough

2. Single Leg squat- You pretty much lift up one foot off the ground and you lift it up and down using your other foot(that’s on the ground) make sure you squeeze from the glute and not from your knee. Make sure you know how to squat properly before trying this.

3. Half Arm Rolls- can’t forget your arms right ? You know those regular arm rolls where you lift your arms in the air and do circules ?  Well there isn’t enough room for you to fully extend your arms in the bathroom so you have bend them and do the same idea, just keep rolling… Rollin’ Rollin’ on the river… Change it up and puls upwards or downwards. You could even try and do single arm rolls like one hand each time but that’s kinda time consuming.

4. Wall push up- stand against the wall and place your hands as if you were trying to do a push up, just on a wall( :  and try and lean over your wrists to add some weight. Go as low as you can and hold in that position as long as you can… Best way to make this chalenging is to do one hand at a time. You could even do this excercise on the diaper changing pad( :  it all good.


Warning : After doing these exercises there might be a long line of people waiting after you. (I keep expecting them to knock or yell at me but they don’t they must not have to go so bad…maybe there just like me they just use the bathroom as an excuse to get up and shake a leg but I usually do have to pee as Eliana would say : ‘Avigail has a bladder the size of a peanut ! ‘)

Tip : Make sure you flush the toilet after you do the exercises, that way they’ll think your stomachs upset and when they go into the bathroom they might actually be relived since it won’t smell so bad( :


Sheesh three hours to go… Tick, tock tick, tock… Guess what ?!  They have Alladen on this tv thingie, yep yep yep you betchya I watched it… Well I skipped the snakey part that still scares the heak out of me, No I’ve never watched a horrow movie. Having ‘dear friends’ tell me ALL about them was enough to scare me for a decade… Hey !  We’re finally flying over land !!!  Just finished going over the Atlantic !!  4,600 miles down and I’m dying to get off !  I still can’t believe  I’m actually going to americaaa… WHAT ?!?!  It hasn’t sunken in this brain of myn that I’m in a plan and that I’m actually gonna be in America. I wish they would open the windows, this darkness and making me kookoo, how long can you sleep for ?!


Good bye !  Time for another water and potty break I might have to do the potty dance for this one, apperently it’s stormy and we aren’t allowed to get up !


Anyways so long dear freinds from a girl who’s sick of the sky actually sick of this CHAIR !!


XO Avigail


Avigails Camra Pictures 2017 854

I can’t believe it’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I started blogging! Like WHATTT?!?! Time is flying by! Wow when I started blogging last year I didn’t have a clue what this place would look like in a year I started blogging with no expectations, I just decided to get up and do it. To be honest I never fathomed I would have a blog, my Aunt actually was the first one to say ‘Avigail, you need to have a blog!’ but I didn’t even consider it until last summer when God told me to start a blog. At first I was like “who me?! I’m a terrible writer! Like haven’t you seen all my spelling mistakes?!who would even read my blog?! My Mom?”. It’s funny how when God wants us to do certain ‘missions’ or tasks we suddenly become so ‘humble’, I put humble in quotation marks since it’s not that we’re so humble, it’s coming from doubt of Gods power and strength.  Because our strength isn’t from us but from the Almighty God.

Back to our little tale, a few weeks after God told me to start this Blog I opened a blog and at first I had no idea what to write about, but amazingly a few days later God put this blog post idea in my head Just Jump-Will you Trust?  and walla my first blog post was launched? Born? Posted? (what would you call that?). That first blog post really described how I felt about starting this blog. I really just felt that I was just taking this huge jump into the ‘unknown’ territory of blogging. Haha! It really was I had no idea what to expect.  From then on Blog posts and Ideas have just kept popping up all the time (Like more then 50 of them, sheesh it’s gonna take me forever to get through all of those).Avigails Camra Pictures 2017 1302

Well since a year ago People have visited this blog from all over the world, from places I’ve never even heard of before…Like Kuwait ,Guam ,Gibraltar…  So so awesomeee! It has been such an awesome experience Blogging this past year, it has been such fun! I really have enjoyed writing! Thank you to all my amazing readers! If your curious the most popular post this year has been: Dandadadamdadam –Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls!

I love those guys! There perrty yum! Hopefully when I come back from America I’ll take new pictures of them with step by step photos! Talking about Americaaaa I’m leaving this Monday! AHHHH! I can’t believe it’s actually happening!! All through this process of putting together this trip I was keep telling myself ‘Avigail, you need keep an open mind, it might not work out etc’ ‘ so know I’m trying to reverse the effects of that brain work by telling myself to ‘stop day dreaming! Your actually flying! Get your act together! You have a 101 stuff to do!’ Yes I’m excited, it’s my first time flying in over ten years and the first time by myself  (Thank God I have smart Uncles well more like Uncle 🙂 that know every little tinny detail about flying, Thanks Tim!). Yep so it defiantly feels like a new ‘Just Jump’ adventure, so will see what happens next! it’s exciting! Avigails Camra Pictures 2017 764

Love you guys,



Thoughts on Tisha B’av

Avigails Camra Pictures 2017 1358.JPGHellooo my Beauties! How’s a going? Next Tuesday is the Fast of תשעה באב (the ninth of Av) ,for all those that don’t know- Av is the hebrew month that we are in now and on the Ninth of Av both Temples (the first and second temple) were destroyed we have mourned their destruction every year on this date for two thousand years (1949 years since the destruction of the second temple). So I wanted to share some teachings about Tisha Bav, that I found really beautiful. (Most of these teachings are from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach)

“In the Holy Temple, the most important part was the singing-the singing of the holy tribe, the Levites. According to our tradition, there were 50,000 instruments and 100,000 voices. They would alternate every few minutes, day and night. They would sing and play for the One, for the only One. Every note and every melody was the deepest prayer in the world. Those songs and prayers were so deep, they reached into the deepest depths of every human being. You cannot hear those melodies and prayers without returning to the One, the only One…”  DSCN2980 (2)

“The month of destruction is called Menachem Av, Menachem is the hebrew word for “consolation”, Av is one of the hebrew words for Father, so the name of this month means that God ,our Father in heaven, is begging us, his children, “Please, console me!” , “Nachamu, Nachamu Ami…” (Isaiah 40;1) “Console, console my people”. God is begging us “Please my people console me! Please!” and what do we answer? Menachem Av-How do we console our Father? We promise you that this will be the year. This year, will come back to you. This year we’ll come back to the temple. This year will answer your nocking. This year we will return…”

For as much as we cry and our heart is broken over this state of גלות (exile) he hurts so much more, he has been hurt so much more “On him whom they have pierced…” (Zechariah 12:10). Meanwhile we are waiting, waiting for the Mashiach to come and take us out of this exile. Waiting for the ‘א’ (alef) to turn גולה(exile) into גאולה (redemption). And while we wait we mourn and fast so

“The fasts of the fourth,fifth,seventh and tenth months will become joyful and glad occasions…” (zechariah 8:19)



Mini Sourdough Bagels- THM E

20170713_134121 (2)

Here you goooooo, here is the recipe for Mini  Sourdough Bagels!!!!!!! Kilililililiyyyy! Woohooo! I’m so excited about this recipe!! Don’t ask how long ago I created this recipe, you’ll hate me for not sharing it way back then, Three months ago? um… that’s a nice rounding, you know five=three months that’s kinda close right? Yah just recently had a chance to make it again and take pictures… These bagels are sooo yummy! They have a chewy crust and are just amazzzzing!  There cute and small to help portion control them. Sooo making Bagels sounds pretty scary doesn’t it? Especially on plan bagels… But it isn’t I promise! It is actually pretty easy, you pretty much have three stages:

  1. Make and Knead the dough, let rise.
  2. Shape the Bagels (super easy and fun!)
  3. Put The bagels in a warm water bath for just a minute
  4. Sprinkle optional toppings and bake!20170713_135112 (2)

That’s it!  LETS DO THIS!


For Dough:

  • 3 Cups Spelt flour (plus a little extra to lightly flour your counter)
  • 2 Cups Rye flour (freshly ground)
  • 2 Cups Sourdough Starter
  • 1/2 Cup Egg whites
  • 1/2 Cup Low fat Greek Yogurt
  • 2 teaspoons of Baking Powder
  • Drizzle of Honey (about a Tablespoon)
  • Sprinkle of Salt

For Water Bath:

  •  Water to fill up your pot or pan 3/4 of the way
  • 3 Tablespoons of Honey

For Optional Superfoodie Topping:

  • Egg yolk to brush on top(for a golden shine)
  • 2 Tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast *i
  • 1 Tablespoon of Chia seeds
  • 1 Tablespoon Onion Flakes
  • 2 teaspoons of Chunky Sea salt
  • Any other herbs or spices you love (Garlic,Oregano, Basil, Za’atar, Chilli flakes… the skies the limit)

20170713_140048 (2)



  1.  Mix and then Knead the dough (You only need to knead until everything is nicely combined and you have a pretty smooth ball of dough, no longer than five minutes)
  2. Let rise for seven+ hours, yep seven hours! You can even  let it rise overnight.
  3. After it has risen, pick a medium size pot or a large pan and fill 3/4 of the way full and add the three Tablespoons of honey. Bring water to a boil, then reduce heat to medium or medium-high so that the water remains simmering.
  4. While water is boiling divide into 12 balls and stick your fingers in to make a whole (make it a little larger then the size you want your whole to be)
  5. Once the water starts simmering drop 3-4(make sure they don’t touch)  bagels into your water and let each side ‘cook’ for thirty seconds  (don’t worry too much if you go over this time) take out and place on a rake to drain all the water. Repeat until all bagels have had there turn in the water.
  6. Now the fun part! Brush a little egg yolk on each bagel and sprinkle on whatever toppings you like. If you use the Super foodie toppings mix all the ingredients in a wide mouth bowl or a plate and take each bagel and dip into the mix.
  7. Put each finished bagel on a cookie sheet with wax paper  and bake for 20-25 min at 175 c/350 f. Check after 15 minutes to make sure there getting evenly baked!


20170713_133703 (2)


*If you don’t like nutritional yeast DON’T PUT IT ON! It can have a somewhat strong flavor if your not sure if you like it or not don’t try it on this recipe, you don’t want to discover after all your hard work that you don’t like them!

So what do you put on an E bagel?? If you live in America you can use up to one ounce of 1/3 less fat cream cheese but make sure you don’t add any other fat in your meal or you can add a few wedges of laughing cow cheese. Other more puristie  options:

  •  Low fat cottage cheese I actually love cottage! (well used to I can’t eat it now)
  • Extra strained low fat Greek yogurt (I make homemade)
  • Homemade low fat kefir cheese (pretty much extra strained kefir)
  • גבינה לבנה
  • Bolgrit cheese(that’s only 5% fat so keep to no more then 1/2 a cup)
  • Parmesan cheese (Check and see how much fat is in your parmesan cheese to make sure but most are pretty low fat) You could melt some on top of your bagel! Yum!
  • Or you can make the Laughing mama cheese that’s in the THM cookbook!

Of course if you want to have a crossover then the skies the limit for all the options! These also taste amazing warmed up with some butter on top! Try and only eat one or two of these bagels and fill up on a big salad on the side!

I hope you enjoy these:)


I’m BACKKK-all about camp!

Heyyyyyy! How are all you peeps doing? Enjoying summer? Boy I sure am! I absolutely adore summer, but that’s not anything new. I can’t believe I’m just now sitting down to type this post, it’s been way too long since I’ve posted so, sorry. I wanted to post this two weeks ago but ya know life happens:).

Two weeks ago I went to a music summer camp which was so so so much fun! I had such a blast. The camp was for four days, on the first day (we arrived in the afternoon so it was only half a day) after we met every one briefly I had a guitar lesson the teacher was really fun and laid back so it was a cool class, even though I wasn’t as advanced as the other kids playing there. I’m still trying to work on my Guitar skills, just need more time… and maybe some more discipline… That night there was singing and worship (every night there was actually, it was so amazing!).we slept at Shoresh,a town nearby,it was soo pretty there and I met my awesome roomies! Sweetest girls ever! DSCN2853 (2).jpg

Then on the second day I took singing lessons, which was so much fun! The teacher was just so sweet and precious. It felt good to have a singing lesson again, I took singing lessons when I was thirteen as part of my school requirements and I really enjoyed it so it was great to have the opportunity to take a lesson again! In the afternoon there were a few workshops that were really nice and then dinner, after dinner it was open mic night it was cool seeing everybody’s talents.

On the third day, this was one of the funnest days. I went to the filmmaking class and I was expecting that we would probably just learn how to film and how to use the camera etc’ but instead we had a professional filmer come and make a video to a song with us acting it out and stuff. It was really fun! Then in the afternoon we watched him edit it and put it all together it was pretty amazing! That evening me and my friends we outside right around sunset, wow, the sunsets there are so beautiful! andddd I got them to pose for me:) 20170629_165657 (2)20170629_161517 (2)

The fourth day was a blast in the morning we went to the pool which was so much fun and refreshing it was so hot.They blew up a slide at the end and it was fun sliding down it and going down backwards and headfirst you get the picture:). Then in the afternoon we practice with the band/team they put as in or we threw the football around. We brought our football to the camp, I am so glad we did we had a ton of fun with it!

On the last day we work up super late, we didn’t get to bed until around two thirty in the morning, it was the last night so we thought might as well make the most out of it:) so we talked and played games. Almost everyone missed breakfast that morning. We packed up took pictures and said good bye! I learned so much from this camp and such amazing inspiring people it was great!

20170629_155831 (2)

If you’re wondering what I  ate at the camp for four day(with sticking to my crohn’s/THM diet) this is what I did:

I made ahead muffins for breakfast I actually didn’t have to, since they always had boiled eggs and veggies there, that’s one great thing about most meals here there is always salads and lots of them! Then for lunch I made Flax flatbread(I forgot what it’s called!) and made a sandwich out of that with goat cheese and veggies. Then for snack I made superfood chews! so yummy! and PB cookies. Dinner was really good, there were tons of different salads to choose from and then the was fish and meat it was really delicious and for dessert they had fresh fruit, so I ate well. That’s about it my friends!

Can I be mean for a second? Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s post:) Mini Sourdough Bagels my Friends!20170713_133703 (2)

Have a great weekend:)



Summer Goals and such:)


SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE!! YAHOOO! Who’s dancing with me?? I can’t describe how much I love summer, you’d think I live in the North pole or something by how much I love summer! Just last week it dawned to me that summer was really here and was here to stay! No rainy days for next few months, woot woot! It caught me a little off guard, you know how you keep waiting and waiting for something to come and then when it finally comes you can’t believe it’s actually here?! This is my last week of school! Yay, finishing 11th grade forever God willing;)!20170619_174231 (2)

What are you doing this Summer Vacation? Do you have any summer goals? I love writing down summer goals every summer to help stay focus, it seems that if I don’t write them down I kinda forget about them and it never really gets done. The most important is not to stress it, it’s just a helpful guideline if other stuff come up or you wanna do something else then do it! Even if your not gonna be able to check everything off your list, it’s summer have FUN!

Here are some of my summer goals/things I’m doing-

  • Trip to America- I will be volunteering for a few weeks in Tennessee (with Above Rubies) and then will be visiting family in the states for a couple weeks! I’m super excited! It will be so different!
  • Summer Camp! This is next week, for four days, I’m looking forward to this camp! It will be fun!
  • Counseling-I will be finishing  counseling by the end of July after almost two years of being with my crazy nine year old girls group, so I really want to make some fun last memories with them! Tomorrow a professional photographer is coming to take pictures of them, maybe he’ll let me use his camera for a lil.:)
  • BEACH!- I’m crazy nuts about the beach! Thank God my family is too! In the Summer it is a bare necessity (it’s a bear necessity… a simple bear necessity… memories!) so we go to the beach once a week for the whole day! I’m so excited we’re going to the beach this Thursday! Yipeee!20170619_183349 (2)
  • Volunteering at Ba’ad Chaim (a ProLife organization)- I’m hoping to volunteer twice a week this summer instead of just once a week like this past year, will see if it works out with my schedule.
  • Exercise- Keep exercising  work on better form and learn new exercise methods and techniques. Love exercising!
  • Catch up with Friends- Hiking,pool,shopping, walks whatever:)
  • Spend time with my awesome siblings! I really want to get in some quality time with them before I leave to the states. (some ideas are: bake something yummy together, play a board game, have a spa night, well I don’t think my Brothers would appreciate a spa night:), go throw a football with them, read a book to them, watch a movie together the options are endless!)

Here’s a few of my siblings, I only picked the good looking ones, just kidding they’re all crazy gorgeous I don’t have enough room to post pictures of all eight of them;) 

  • Guitar- mostly practice more and learn new songs to play!
  • Improve my freestyle
  • Study- I really want to read and learn the book of Daniel and try and read it in Aramaic (Aramaic is the original language of the book of Daniel), don’t think I’m some crazy language genius because I’m not, Aramaic is very similar to hebrew but I’ll still need the hebrew translation to actually get what they’re saying. Also read more about Health, Nutrition and the body. I ordered some books on those topics, I can’t wait to get my hands on them!
  • Photography! I really just want to learn more and improve my pictures!20170619_174556 (2)
  • This BLOG! Don’t worry I’m definitely gonna try and keep up with posting (you guys know I have over 50 blog posts ideas?! well it was over 50 the last time I counted, which was a few months ago… ideas and new recipes just keep popping up!), I want to rephotograph (is that a word?) most of my recipes and share more recipes, you have no idea how many recipes I have for ya’ll that I just haven’t had the time to write down and take pictures of them! Hopefully this summer I’ll have time!
  • Garden- try and work on raised garden bed and keep up with the plants and herbs I already have!

    DSCN2734 (2)

    Little but mighty 🙂 veggies from my garden!

  • Work! Baby sitting and working for my Sabba(Grand father) I’m not gonna bother with getting a steadier job like working as waitress since I’m leaving for America in the middle of the summer also I don’t have time:) but I’m hoping when I get back from the states I’ll get something more steady because I really really want to get a driver’s license and driving classes are crazy expensive!20170619_182952 (2)

Well I think that’s it, I probably forgot something my brain is officially dead and let’s not  talk about how antsy I am for sitting for so long on a regular chair! (I miss my gym ball! I type these blog posts at my Grandparents house and they don’t have a ball for ME!! even though I suggested that they could really really use one of those gym balls!:)20170619_182527 (2)


Have an amazing summer!



Soothing Sanity Smoothie- THM S

IMG-20170615-WA0004Try saying that three time :). Guys this smoothie is amaaazing! Especially if your having a crazy, hectic and insane day, this is THE smoothie for those kind a days it makes you feel sane again even if the world is falling apart around ya also it soothes an upset stomach, it supports your hormones, it lowers inflammation, it fights cancer, boosts your immune system, supports good bacteria in the gut and so much more! Support your body and treat yourself to this smoothie!


  • Two cups Double fermented kefir
  • 1/2 an Avocado
  • One cup of berries*
  • 1-3 Tablespoons Flaxseed oil **
  • 1-2 teaspoons Maca powder***
  • 1 Tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 teaspoon amla powder
  • A chunk of fresh ginger****
  • 2-3 Doonks(1/32 of a teaspoon) stevia



Our cherries outside are ripe! They are tart cherries I call them my sour bombs, I love tart!


Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth! That’s it!


*Any kind of berries work but one cup of blueberries would be to many carbs for an s.

**Start with 1 Tablespoon of flaxseed oil and then add if flavor isn’t too strong (some brands of oil have a stronger flavor then others)

***Start with only one teaspoon of maca if  you don’t like the flavor of Maca or if you’ve never tried it, it takes some getting used to, I like a tablespoon of Maca now.

****Depending on how much you like Ginger.IMG-20170615-WA0000

Enjoy! לבריאות


What I eat with having Crohn’s

image Hello People! How have you been? Don’t you just love, being able to go outside and pick fresh herbs? I love going out in the morning and picking some fresh mint or lemon verbena for my morning cup of tea. In this post I’m hoping to cover what I eat with having Crohns and during Flare ups.

First thing first here’s the DON’TS- I stay far away from Table Sugar,Hydrogenated oils and whole wheat and white flour, no matter what. Those are 100% no no’s! I stick to the Trim Healthy Mama eating way when I’m in remission. Eating complex carbohydrates (Oats,Brown rice, Sweet Potatoes, homemade Sourdough Bread,beans and Quinoa),Proteins (Meat, fish, eggs,bone broth, collagen and some homemade dairy products) Fats (Coconut oil, Olive oil,Flaxseed oil,Butter and Nuts) Dairy (Homemade Kefir, Homemade yogurt and some sheeps or goats cheese) and lots and lots of veggies and also fruit, I love veggies!

My chief sweetener is Stevia, I use the THM brand and it’s by far the best stevia, they have the highest quality stevia. Second would probably be coconut sugar, since I have a very high metabolism and am at goal weight I use it pretty often it helps me maintain my weight. I also use raw honey since it has a lot of minerals and enzymes and is very good for the tummy (Don’t cook with it though! A lot of people love to put it in there hot boiling tea, don’t waste your expensive raw honey in tea, putting it in your 220f cup of tea destroy all those good enzymes and your once raw honey is now pasteurized:) I like to spread some raw honey on muffins or toast or mix it with some almond butter.

Here’s a daily meal example, for me while in remission-

Breakfast– Banana muffin made with oat flour (THM Bust a myth banana cake) or two of my rocking Carrot Muffins recipe here with a cup of Organic green tea or coffee with coconut milk

Snack– Protein Shake (made with the THM whey powder also by far the best whey powder I’ve tried)

Lunch- Two fried eggs over a huge raw salad with avocado and lotsa olive oil and flaxseed oil and some walnuts and a few wasa crackers, chamomile tea.

Snack-Kefir shake like Kefir Fruit Blast Smoothie or Soothing Sanity Smoothie

Dinner- Meat loaf with some baked broccoli and a baked sweet potato and a salad.


Kale growing in my garden!

Now if I’m going through a flare up or if my stomach is feeling a little queasy I remove all grain from my diet, raw veggies and most raw fruit and raw nuts. The fiber in the raw fruits and veggies can really aggravate an inflamed intestines and the grain is very hard for the intestines to break down. I also up my super foods, lotsa flaxseed oil, kefir,okra,collagen and bone broth, chia seeds, maca powder,Amla powder,coconut oil,avocados, almond butter and lotsa healing teas: Chamomile,Mint,anise, licorice, cardamom,slippery elm and calendula tea. All tea is beneficial but I find these to be the most helpful.

When your going through a flare up you want to keep these four things in mind:

  • Eat healing soothing foods (like bone broth,pureed avocados and blended okra)
  • Eat easy to digest food, foods that don’t require a lot of breaking down(like Bone Broth)
  • Eat superfoodie meals (load your meals up with superfoods! flaxseed oil, chia seeds etc’)
  • Listen to your BODY! Every body is so uniquely different you really just have to tune in and listen to your body. It will ‘tell’ you what it needs. It takes some time though, so be patient.

Here’s a sample of a day’s menu through a flare up:

Breakfast- Avocado Berry whip with chia seeds,maca powder and a little flaxseed oil, and collagen for protein. Green tea.

Snack- Thin thick (smoothie with okra and whey powder)

Lunch- two organic eggs over sauteed zucchini (cooked until soft and divine!). mint tea.

Snack- Kefir smoothie

Dinner- chicken thighs with a okra and garlic sauce and steamed broccoli  . chicken broth to sip on. Piece of skinny chocolate. 


My baby lettuce is sprouting! Isn’t it cute!

Have a blessed weekend!


My Crohn’s Story (part 3 and last hopefully:)

imageHellooo people! Summer is here!! Yahoooo! It’s been in the mid eighties lately not as hot as it will be in a couple months but still pretty warm. So here we go last part of my Crohns story for now:) If you missed part one here and part two here.

Right before I turned fifteen my Mom bought the Trim Healthy Mama book, little did I know how much this book would spark a love for nutrition and health in me. At first I was super confused reading the book but I just started incorporating some of the meals, it was exciting! A whole new world opened up to me! I remember the first THM meal I made it was a zucchini lasagna loaded with veggies it was so good! I remember feeling so clean after the meal, I felt really good. It wasn’t that I ate super noughtie food I just ate to many carbs at most of my meals, for breakfast I would always have two pieces of rye bread with peanut butter and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, it would have been fine if I had this kind of breakfast a couple times a week (since I was still growing) but I would have this every day. I didn’t gain any weight or have any side effects from eating like this, since I have a very high metabolism and am a pretty active. I just needed a more balanced approach like THM! Slowly slowly we(me and my mom) started getting more THM food staple (like flax, coconut oil etc’) and got more and more on plan it was so much fun trying all the new food and learning the plan.

About a month after I turned fifteen me and almost all my siblings caught the whooping cough, though we didn’t know it at the time, at first I was really sick for the first week or so and then I would be better and then I would be sick again, it kept going back and forth. I even went on two hiking trips that spring because I thought I was healthy.11083875_10153649747025278_1404892373171080261_n  They were totally fun trips! Anyways right after Pesach I was sick again with the whole nasty cough as well as most of my siblings at the same time my cousin ,who lives in the states was tested for whooping cough and it came back positive (he had a lot of the same symptoms as us), I was immediately tested for whooping cough and it came back positive, ugh. It had already been six weeks since I had symptoms so I wasn’t contagious anymore but the Doctor insisted on taking antibiotics. Over these past few months I lost some weight which wasn’t good since I was already on the low end of the scale and now I was even lower but except for that I felt pretty ok. I had a Doctors appointment with the gastroenterologist, scheduled for that June and he was very worried about my weight loss and blood test results (there was definite signs of inflammation), and boy did he worry and stress me. He scheduled a Colonoscopy and MRI to see how bad the inflammation was. It was such a shock, I thought I was pretty healthy.

I went back on the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ but it just didn’t seem to be helping, so I was back on eating THM. Well God used the MRI and Colonoscopy to really test my trust and to fully feel his peace even though they were both hard experiences, especially the MRI. I felt so sick and nauseous from fasting and from the nasty liquid that you have to drink and then when I was called to go inside the MRI (tube thingamabob) I felt so claustrophobic, I felt like I couldn’t bear it! After ten awful minutes the lady came out and said that the liquid hadn’t gotten far enough in my digestive tract and I needed to drink more of the nasty liquid I just started crying when I sat back down by my Mom I felt so miserable. Somehow God just gave me the strength to drink another cup of the nasty liquid and go back into the MRI. This time I didn’t feel overwhelmed I just really felt his peace, even though I had these loud beeping noises going on and off, and thank- God  it ended eventually!

My parents met with the Gastroenterologist to discuss the medical options for treating crohn’s (the MRI showed 60cm of my small intestine inflamed), I absolutely refused to go to the meeting the Doctor scarred me! My parents didn’t want to take the medical route and neither did I, there were to many side effects and we knew there had to be a better route. We talked (mostly my Mom) to some people who had crohns and how they treated it but the answers they gave weren’t satisfactory we kept searching and searching, it was looking pretty hopeless. But then we remembered the Herbalist I went to a couple years before for my strep that he also treated Crohn’s, so we scheduled an appointment with him. Wow, he was so encouraging, he gave me hope again! He prescribed a few tinctures and a few supplements and they helped tremendously! After a couple months I took a blood test and the signs of inflammation decreased tremendously! It was a miracle! I felt amazing and healthy!image

It’s almost been two years since then and I feel the healthiest I’ve been in a while, I’ve had a couple flare ups since but God has been so good and faithful through them. I’m going to have to write another more detailed post more specifically about the supplements I take and about all the healing food I’ve discovered to help.

Have a great week!