Avigail Goes to America- Pennsylvania and NYC Adventures!

Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 890 Yep yep yep! I got to see the big apple! So cool to see the real live NYC! Not just from a movie! I landed in the after noon and Newark and met my Great Aunt and Uncle! It was so incredible to see them! There the BEST! Since we were just an hour away from NYC, they decided to give me a short tour of the city! Super fun! I got to see the statue of liberty!!Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 893  Pop! There she is! Then we drove downtown NYC and I got the grand tour led by my Great Uncle Phill (I have another Uncle Phill too, but my Great Uncle Phill says that he isn’t Great like him, haha!) Sadly I hardly remember any of the names of the places that he pointed out, so I have all these pictures on my Camera of random bridges and buildings and I just cannot remember what they are, haha! Hey, I didn’t get any sleep the night before, umm partly because I had to leave at 2 am and partly cause I was up packing past midnight trying to figure out how I was going to fit all the presents in my suitcase! So give me a little grace, kay? But here’s one of buildings I do remember! Freedom Tower! That would be pretty bad if I forgot that?!Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 901 And I got to see the world famous Times Square! Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 928 After my little tour of NYC, we had dinner and headed home! Needles to say I fell fast a sleep! Me was tired! So now I can say I’ve been to NYC! Even if it was only for a few hours! So glad I had enough time to have a short tour of NYC! I mean I was only in Pennsylvania for 48 hours! Literally! I arrived at 5:00 pm on Sunday and I flew out on Tuesday at like 4:30 pm! It’s just INCREADIBLE how God worked out EVERY little detail about this trip! The timing was just perfect! The next day I got to have lunch with these awesome people!IMG-20171204-WA0000.jpg

Then after lunch we drove to Pottsville. My Grandmother grew up in Pottsville. She died almost two years ago, so it was just so incredible and meaningful to get to see where she grew up. The scenery was beautiful on the way there!Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 934Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 933 Here is the Pottsville’s coal main!Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 945.JPG  It really was such a blessing  to be able to go to Pottsville. Here is the house my Savta grew up in.Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 986

It was just so cool to actually get to see the house after so many stories! Here is the high school she went to!Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 993.JPGIt’s still a running high school! CRAZY! The town hasn’t changed hardly in the past sixty years!!

We then went to the Jewish graveyard and I got to see my Great Grandparents graves and my great great Grandparents graves! Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 1005

So meaningful! I then got to visit my Great great Aunts! So amazing! They are my Savta’s Aunts!

Beyond fortunate! We then had a really nice dinner and I showed them pictures of all my siblings and I got to hear even more stories about my Grandmother that I had never heard of before! So awesome!!

Great times!! It was such an amazing day! I’m just so beyond grateful to have been able to see so much!

The next day My sweet Auntie took me to Wal-Mart for a few little last minute gifts! We then came back, I went for a quick swim in there pool! Fun fun fun! Then I  Squished and shoved all the presents I could into my carry on-haha! and we headed out to the long journey back home!  Haha! It wasn’t really that long I had a straight flight from NJ to Israel, so what do I have to complain about?! But still flights ain’t my best friend!

Oh! But it was so nice while waiting in line to board my plane to be around Israelis’ and to hear Hebrew again! Everybody was excited to be going back home! To Israel! So blessed to live in this INCREADIBLE country and to call it HOME!! Just beyond beyond beyond! Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and childAAAHHH! And these peeps!! How I missed them!!! It’s good to home people!! Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 1328.JPG

Have an INCREADIBLE week my friends!!