Me Still Here!

Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 710I haven’t forsaken you my Peeps! I haven’t stopped blogging! Just have been enjoying life so much haven’t had the chance to sit down and write to my lovelies:). I just wanted to stop by real quick and wish you all Chag Samech! I love Sukkot! My favorite Chag (holiday) for sure! Man, I still have so much to do eek! I really shouldn’t be taking a break! But I missed blogging so maybe God will just stop the clock or something? Haha! You wanna hear what I’m making? Cranberry and Walnut Challah with a honey glaze! Savory Pumpkin soup, the new no-moo cheesecake recipe (Trim Healthy Table Cookbook!), Pumpkin pie, Tummy Tucking Ice cream, Cinnamon Bundt Cake(Just pulled it out of the oven, dying to try it! I added cloves and ginger for an extra kick), Pickled hot peppers and pickled ginger! We have a tradition of making Sushi in the Sukkah and I’m on a mission to make myself some super foodie Sushi this year! Will see how it goes… Fun, fun fun! Also will be making Sourdough Bagels another Family tradition-Bagels in the Sukkah!(This Recipe:) I’m sorry my Beauties but I really have to go! Only have another hour and a half until the Chag starts and I have way too many things to finish! I would put a picture of our beautiful Sukkah now if it were done… Still need to decorate! Go! go! go!


LOVE,LOVE LOVE!Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 1195