Israeli Ice Coffee-THM FP

20170713_151123 (2)

Yep yep my friend here is anootherrrr Ice coffee recipe, so why am I sharing another ice coffee recipe when there are another 101 THM iced coffee recipes? Because myns special myns like no ‘otha! Did you notice that there are no floating ice cubes up there? Yep nada! So instead there is 28 crushed ice cubes up there, ah yah 28 insane. So I hope you have lots of ice cubes on hand so you can make this! Ok also I called this israeli ice coffee because, not because we necessarily invented it ’cause we probably didn’t, but actually because this is the only kind of ice coffee you can find here, we only serve ONE kind so when I think of ice coffee I think of coffee that is blended up with tons of ice, like a slushy almost.

The first time I had my own Ice coffee was when I was nine, my Grandmother bought it for me, boy did I feel so grown up! I remember drinking it in the car on the way home and thinking ‘I’m gonna prove to everyone how big I am ,by not going crazy from the caffeine, I’m going to act like a grown up lady’ HA! Well somehow I told myself that it was perfectly normal for ‘grown up ladies’ like me, to spin around like crazy in the living room and jump from coach to coach screaming  ‘superman tadadam’ and for big people like me to stay up until midnight jumping on there bed (man I used to have the bounciest bed in the world, that bed was so much fun, I was so upset when we got rid of it). Yah, perfectly normal… I’ve always loved coffee, I would always offer my Mom to make her coffee so I could steal some to myself:), thank God I tolerate caffeine much better now and act ‘perfectly normal’ around coffee, well if you consider  singing about ‘oooh how I love coffee…’ and having a good happy dance every time I’m gonna drink coffee normal. Then I’m good.אייס-קפה-ומוזלי

Needles to say our ice coffees are so badddd for your health, loaded with sugar-check, loaded with powdered milk and other unknown ‘powders’-check, anyway STAY FAR AWAY! You can find better ways to support Israel then by buying our Ice coffee:), if you need ideas just contact me, hehe! Onward to ‘de RECIPE!


  • One cup(measuring cup) of your favorite kind of coffee (make it STRONG!)
  • Favorite Low glycemic Sweetener*
  • Tablespoon of coconut milk
  • Optional dash of vanilla extract
  • 28 ice cubes (not a typo)
  • Half a scoop of whey powder**20170713_150908 (2) 




  1. Blend the coffee,coconut milk and sweetener and vanilla if you want, in a blender.
  2. Add the 28 ice cubes, and let it blend and blend and blend… (yah it takes awhile for it to get all crushed up), try it and see if you want more sweet, more vanilla etc’
  3. Add the 1/2 scoop of whey powder and blend for a second just until it’s incorporated, don’t let it get frothy! DONE! Wasn’t that easy?!


*Use your favorite sweetener in coffee, you don’t even have to sweeten it but I like it sweet, I usually sweeten it with about 1 teaspoon of coconut sugar and another tablespoon of gentle sweet, so just taste and treek to your liking!

**You don’t have to put the whey in, it makes it slightly creamier but it’s not a must, Collagen would also work instead if you can’t have dairy.

So now you can have Ice coffee with your homemade sourdough bagels recipe here.



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