Me Rants ’bout flying

Avigail Camra Pictures Late summer 2017 1392

(The rants of Avigail as she flies for over ellen hours…sheesh)

Right now I’m writting from above !!  Up in the sky, look it’s a plane nooo it’s… I used to watch  superman cartoons all the time… Another three hours and a half to go… Ahhh I can’t stand sitting much longer !  Like how many movies can you watch for crying out loud ?!  More like how many bathroom visits can you make ?!  My poor tooshie, it’s never had to sit for this stinkin’ long. Buttt it feels much better after this last bathroom visit… Yes yes yes I figured out a few exercises that can be done in the air plaine bathroom, I must admit it took a few bathroom runs to figure it out but here goes-(these make you feel so much better ! )

1.Wall sit, it’s just barley big , line up against the wall across from the sink and slowly slide down to a 90 degree angel making sure your knees don’t pass your toes, most likely they can’t since there is no more room. Haha !  And hold this position as long as you dare keep the people outside waiting… To make this more challenging so you don’t take so long, raise your heels and hold the position on your tippie toes. You can support yourself with the sink if you dare touch it( : . enough

2. Single Leg squat- You pretty much lift up one foot off the ground and you lift it up and down using your other foot(that’s on the ground) make sure you squeeze from the glute and not from your knee. Make sure you know how to squat properly before trying this.

3. Half Arm Rolls- can’t forget your arms right ? You know those regular arm rolls where you lift your arms in the air and do circules ?  Well there isn’t enough room for you to fully extend your arms in the bathroom so you have bend them and do the same idea, just keep rolling… Rollin’ Rollin’ on the river… Change it up and puls upwards or downwards. You could even try and do single arm rolls like one hand each time but that’s kinda time consuming.

4. Wall push up- stand against the wall and place your hands as if you were trying to do a push up, just on a wall( :  and try and lean over your wrists to add some weight. Go as low as you can and hold in that position as long as you can… Best way to make this chalenging is to do one hand at a time. You could even do this excercise on the diaper changing pad( :  it all good.


Warning : After doing these exercises there might be a long line of people waiting after you. (I keep expecting them to knock or yell at me but they don’t they must not have to go so bad…maybe there just like me they just use the bathroom as an excuse to get up and shake a leg but I usually do have to pee as Eliana would say : ‘Avigail has a bladder the size of a peanut ! ‘)

Tip : Make sure you flush the toilet after you do the exercises, that way they’ll think your stomachs upset and when they go into the bathroom they might actually be relived since it won’t smell so bad( :


Sheesh three hours to go… Tick, tock tick, tock… Guess what ?!  They have Alladen on this tv thingie, yep yep yep you betchya I watched it… Well I skipped the snakey part that still scares the heak out of me, No I’ve never watched a horrow movie. Having ‘dear friends’ tell me ALL about them was enough to scare me for a decade… Hey !  We’re finally flying over land !!!  Just finished going over the Atlantic !!  4,600 miles down and I’m dying to get off !  I still can’t believe  I’m actually going to americaaa… WHAT ?!?!  It hasn’t sunken in this brain of myn that I’m in a plane and that I’m actually gonna be in America. I wish they would open the windows, this darkness and making me kookoo, how long can you sleep for ?!


Good bye !  Time for another water and potty break I might have to do the potty dance for this one, apperently it’s stormy and we aren’t allowed to get up !


Anyways so long dear freinds from a girl who’s sick of the sky actually sick of this CHAIR !! 20170831_091934


XO Avigail

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