Avigails Camra Pictures 2017 854

I can’t believe it’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I started blogging! Like WHATTT?!?! Time is flying by! Wow when I started blogging last year I didn’t have a clue what this place would look like in a year I started blogging with no expectations, I just decided to get up and do it. To be honest I never fathomed I would have a blog, my Aunt actually was the first one to say ‘Avigail, you need to have a blog!’ but I didn’t even consider it until last summer when God told me to start a blog. At first I was like “who me?! I’m a terrible writer! Like haven’t you seen all my spelling mistakes?!who would even read my blog?! My Mom?”. It’s funny how when God wants us to do certain ‘missions’ or tasks we suddenly become so ‘humble’, I put humble in quotation marks since it’s not that we’re so humble, it’s coming from doubt of Gods power and strength.  Because our strength isn’t from us but from the Almighty God.

Back to our little tale, a few weeks after God told me to start this Blog I opened a blog and at first I had no idea what to write about, but amazingly a few days later God put this blog post idea in my head Just Jump-Will you Trust?  and walla my first blog post was launched? Born? Posted? (what would you call that?). That first blog post really described how I felt about starting this blog. I really just felt that I was just taking this huge jump into the ‘unknown’ territory of blogging. Haha! It really was I had no idea what to expect.  From then on Blog posts and Ideas have just kept popping up all the time (Like more then 50 of them, sheesh it’s gonna take me forever to get through all of those).Avigails Camra Pictures 2017 1302

Well since a year ago People have visited this blog from all over the world, from places I’ve never even heard of before…Like Kuwait ,Guam ,Gibraltar…  So so awesomeee! It has been such an awesome experience Blogging this past year, it has been such fun! I really have enjoyed writing! Thank you to all my amazing readers! If your curious the most popular post this year has been: Dandadadamdadam –Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls!

I love those guys! There perrty yum! Hopefully when I come back from America I’ll take new pictures of them with step by step photos! Talking about Americaaaa I’m leaving this Monday! AHHHH! I can’t believe it’s actually happening!! All through this process of putting together this trip I was keep telling myself ‘Avigail, you need keep an open mind, it might not work out etc’ ‘ so know I’m trying to reverse the effects of that brain work by telling myself to ‘stop day dreaming! Your actually flying! Get your act together! You have a 101 stuff to do!’ Yes I’m excited, it’s my first time flying in over ten years and the first time by myself  (Thank God I have smart Uncles well more like Uncle 🙂 that know every little tinny detail about flying, Thanks Tim!). Yep so it defiantly feels like a new ‘Just Jump’ adventure, so will see what happens next! it’s exciting! Avigails Camra Pictures 2017 764

Love you guys,



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