Summer Goals and such:)


SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE!! YAHOOO! Who’s dancing with me?? I can’t describe how much I love summer, you’d think I live in the North pole or something by how much I love summer! Just last week it dawned to me that summer was really here and was here to stay! No rainy days for next few months, woot woot! It caught me a little off guard, you know how you keep waiting and waiting for something to come and then when it finally comes you can’t believe it’s actually here?! This is my last week of school! Yay, finishing 11th grade forever God willing;)!20170619_174231 (2)

What are you doing this Summer Vacation? Do you have any summer goals? I love writing down summer goals every summer to help stay focus, it seems that if I don’t write them down I kinda forget about them and it never really gets done. The most important is not to stress it, it’s just a helpful guideline if other stuff come up or you wanna do something else then do it! Even if your not gonna be able to check everything off your list, it’s summer have FUN!

Here are some of my summer goals/things I’m doing-

  • Trip to America- I will be volunteering for a few weeks in Tennessee (with Above Rubies) and then will be visiting family in the states for a couple weeks! I’m super excited! It will be so different!
  • Summer Camp! This is next week, for four days, I’m looking forward to this camp! It will be fun!
  • Counseling-I will be finishing  counseling by the end of July after almost two years of being with my crazy nine year old girls group, so I really want to make some fun last memories with them! Tomorrow a professional photographer is coming to take pictures of them, maybe he’ll let me use his camera for a lil.:)
  • BEACH!- I’m crazy nuts about the beach! Thank God my family is too! In the Summer it is a bare necessity (it’s a bear necessity… a simple bear necessity… memories!) so we go to the beach once a week for the whole day! I’m so excited we’re going to the beach this Thursday! Yipeee!20170619_183349 (2)
  • Volunteering at Ba’ad Chaim (a ProLife organization)- I’m hoping to volunteer twice a week this summer instead of just once a week like this past year, will see if it works out with my schedule.
  • Exercise- Keep exercising  work on better form and learn new exercise methods and techniques. Love exercising!
  • Catch up with Friends- Hiking,pool,shopping, walks whatever:)
  • Spend time with my awesome siblings! I really want to get in some quality time with them before I leave to the states. (some ideas are: bake something yummy together, play a board game, have a spa night, well I don’t think my Brothers would appreciate a spa night:), go throw a football with them, read a book to them, watch a movie together the options are endless!)

Here’s a few of my siblings, I only picked the good looking ones, just kidding they’re all crazy gorgeous I don’t have enough room to post pictures of all eight of them;) 

  • Guitar- mostly practice more and learn new songs to play!
  • Improve my freestyle
  • Study- I really want to read and learn the book of Daniel and try and read it in Aramaic (Aramaic is the original language of the book of Daniel), don’t think I’m some crazy language genius because I’m not, Aramaic is very similar to hebrew but I’ll still need the hebrew translation to actually get what they’re saying. Also read more about Health, Nutrition and the body. I ordered some books on those topics, I can’t wait to get my hands on them!
  • Photography! I really just want to learn more and improve my pictures!20170619_174556 (2)
  • This BLOG! Don’t worry I’m definitely gonna try and keep up with posting (you guys know I have over 50 blog posts ideas?! well it was over 50 the last time I counted, which was a few months ago… ideas and new recipes just keep popping up!), I want to rephotograph (is that a word?) most of my recipes and share more recipes, you have no idea how many recipes I have for ya’ll that I just haven’t had the time to write down and take pictures of them! Hopefully this summer I’ll have time!
  • Garden- try and work on raised garden bed and keep up with the plants and herbs I already have!

    DSCN2734 (2)

    Little but mighty 🙂 veggies from my garden!

  • Work! Baby sitting and working for my Sabba(Grand father) I’m not gonna bother with getting a steadier job like working as waitress since I’m leaving for America in the middle of the summer also I don’t have time:) but I’m hoping when I get back from the states I’ll get something more steady because I really really want to get a driver’s license and driving classes are crazy expensive!20170619_182952 (2)

Well I think that’s it, I probably forgot something my brain is officially dead and let’s not  talk about how antsy I am for sitting for so long on a regular chair! (I miss my gym ball! I type these blog posts at my Grandparents house and they don’t have a ball for ME!! even though I suggested that they could really really use one of those gym balls!:)20170619_182527 (2)


Have an amazing summer!




2 thoughts on “Summer Goals and such:)

  1. I love this….so happy for you to be going to the states, enjoy your time and make lots of memories. You are awesome and I am so blessed to know you and your beautiful family….Juju


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