What I eat with having Crohn’s

image Hello People! How have you been? Don’t you just love, being able to go outside and pick fresh herbs? I love going out in the morning and picking some fresh mint or lemon verbena for my morning cup of tea. In this post I’m hoping to cover what I eat with having Crohns and during Flare ups.

First thing first here’s the DON’TS- I stay far away from Table Sugar,Hydrogenated oils and whole wheat and white flour, no matter what. Those are 100% no no’s! I stick to the Trim Healthy Mama eating way when I’m in remission. Eating complex carbohydrates (Oats,Brown rice, Sweet Potatoes, homemade Sourdough Bread,beans and Quinoa),Proteins (Meat, fish, eggs,bone broth, collagen and some homemade dairy products) Fats (Coconut oil, Olive oil,Flaxseed oil,Butter and Nuts) Dairy (Homemade Kefir, Homemade yogurt and some sheeps or goats cheese) and lots and lots of veggies and also fruit, I love veggies!

My chief sweetener is Stevia, I use the THM brand and it’s by far the best stevia, they have the highest quality stevia. Second would probably be coconut sugar, since I have a very high metabolism and am at goal weight I use it pretty often it helps me maintain my weight. I also use raw honey since it has a lot of minerals and enzymes and is very good for the tummy (Don’t cook with it though! A lot of people love to put it in there hot boiling tea, don’t waste your expensive raw honey in tea, putting it in your 220f cup of tea destroy all those good enzymes and your once raw honey is now pasteurized:) I like to spread some raw honey on muffins or toast or mix it with some almond butter.

Here’s a daily meal example, for me while in remission-

Breakfast– Banana muffin made with oat flour (THM Bust a myth banana cake) or two of my rocking Carrot Muffins recipe here with a cup of Organic green tea or coffee with coconut milk

Snack– Protein Shake (made with the THM whey powder also by far the best whey powder I’ve tried)

Lunch- Two fried eggs over a huge raw salad with avocado and lotsa olive oil and flaxseed oil and some walnuts and a few wasa crackers, chamomile tea.

Snack-Kefir shake like Kefir Fruit Blast Smoothie or Soothing Sanity Smoothie

Dinner- Meat loaf with some baked broccoli and a baked sweet potato and a salad.


Kale growing in my garden!

Now if I’m going through a flare up or if my stomach is feeling a little queasy I remove all grain from my diet, raw veggies and most raw fruit and raw nuts. The fiber in the raw fruits and veggies can really aggravate an inflamed intestines and the grain is very hard for the intestines to break down. I also up my super foods, lotsa flaxseed oil, kefir,okra,collagen and bone broth, chia seeds, maca powder,Amla powder,coconut oil,avocados, almond butter and lotsa healing teas: Chamomile,Mint,anise, licorice, cardamom,slippery elm and calendula tea. All tea is beneficial but I find these to be the most helpful.

When your going through a flare up you want to keep these four things in mind:

  • Eat healing soothing foods (like bone broth,pureed avocados and blended okra)
  • Eat easy to digest food, foods that don’t require a lot of breaking down(like Bone Broth)
  • Eat superfoodie meals (load your meals up with superfoods! flaxseed oil, chia seeds etc’)
  • Listen to your BODY! Every body is so uniquely different you really just have to tune in and listen to your body. It will ‘tell’ you what it needs. It takes some time though, so be patient.

Here’s a sample of a day’s menu through a flare up:

Breakfast- Avocado Berry whip with chia seeds,maca powder and a little flaxseed oil, and collagen for protein. Green tea.

Snack- Thin thick (smoothie with okra and whey powder)

Lunch- two organic eggs over sauteed zucchini (cooked until soft and divine!). mint tea.

Snack- Kefir smoothie

Dinner- chicken thighs with a okra and garlic sauce and steamed broccoli  . chicken broth to sip on. Piece of skinny chocolate. 


My baby lettuce is sprouting! Isn’t it cute!

Have a blessed weekend!



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