My Crohn’s Story (part 3 and last hopefully:)

imageHellooo people! Summer is here!! Yahoooo! It’s been in the mid eighties lately not as hot as it will be in a couple months but still pretty warm. So here we go last part of my Crohns story for now:) If you missed part one here and part two here.

Right before I turned fifteen my Mom bought the Trim Healthy Mama book, little did I know how much this book would spark a love for nutrition and health in me. At first I was super confused reading the book but I just started incorporating some of the meals, it was exciting! A whole new world opened up to me! I remember the first THM meal I made it was a zucchini lasagna loaded with veggies it was so good! I remember feeling so clean after the meal, I felt really good. It wasn’t that I ate super noughtie food I just ate to many carbs at most of my meals, for breakfast I would always have two pieces of rye bread with peanut butter and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, it would have been fine if I had this kind of breakfast a couple times a week (since I was still growing) but I would have this every day. I didn’t gain any weight or have any side effects from eating like this, since I have a very high metabolism and am a pretty active. I just needed a more balanced approach like THM! Slowly slowly we(me and my mom) started getting more THM food staple (like flax, coconut oil etc’) and got more and more on plan it was so much fun trying all the new food and learning the plan.

About a month after I turned fifteen me and almost all my siblings caught the whooping cough, though we didn’t know it at the time, at first I was really sick for the first week or so and then I would be better and then I would be sick again, it kept going back and forth. I even went on two hiking trips that spring because I thought I was healthy.11083875_10153649747025278_1404892373171080261_n  They were totally fun trips! Anyways right after Pesach I was sick again with the whole nasty cough as well as most of my siblings at the same time my cousin ,who lives in the states was tested for whooping cough and it came back positive (he had a lot of the same symptoms as us), I was immediately tested for whooping cough and it came back positive, ugh. It had already been six weeks since I had symptoms so I wasn’t contagious anymore but the Doctor insisted on taking antibiotics. Over these past few months I lost some weight which wasn’t good since I was already on the low end of the scale and now I was even lower but except for that I felt pretty ok. I had a Doctors appointment with the gastroenterologist, scheduled for that June and he was very worried about my weight loss and blood test results (there was definite signs of inflammation), and boy did he worry and stress me. He scheduled a Colonoscopy and MRI to see how bad the inflammation was. It was such a shock, I thought I was pretty healthy.

I went back on the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ but it just didn’t seem to be helping, so I was back on eating THM. Well God used the MRI and Colonoscopy to really test my trust and to fully feel his peace even though they were both hard experiences, especially the MRI. I felt so sick and nauseous from fasting and from the nasty liquid that you have to drink and then when I was called to go inside the MRI (tube thingamabob) I felt so claustrophobic, I felt like I couldn’t bear it! After ten awful minutes the lady came out and said that the liquid hadn’t gotten far enough in my digestive tract and I needed to drink more of the nasty liquid I just started crying when I sat back down by my Mom I felt so miserable. Somehow God just gave me the strength to drink another cup of the nasty liquid and go back into the MRI. This time I didn’t feel overwhelmed I just really felt his peace, even though I had these loud beeping noises going on and off, and thank- God  it ended eventually!

My parents met with the Gastroenterologist to discuss the medical options for treating crohn’s (the MRI showed 60cm of my small intestine inflamed), I absolutely refused to go to the meeting the Doctor scarred me! My parents didn’t want to take the medical route and neither did I, there were to many side effects and we knew there had to be a better route. We talked (mostly my Mom) to some people who had crohns and how they treated it but the answers they gave weren’t satisfactory we kept searching and searching, it was looking pretty hopeless. But then we remembered the Herbalist I went to a couple years before for my strep that he also treated Crohn’s, so we scheduled an appointment with him. Wow, he was so encouraging, he gave me hope again! He prescribed a few tinctures and a few supplements and they helped tremendously! After a couple months I took a blood test and the signs of inflammation decreased tremendously! It was a miracle! I felt amazing and healthy!image

It’s almost been two years since then and I feel the healthiest I’ve been in a while, I’ve had a couple flare ups since but God has been so good and faithful through them. I’m going to have to write another more detailed post more specifically about the supplements I take and about all the healing food I’ve discovered to help.

Have a great week!



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