My Crohn’s Story (part 2)

Israeli-flagHellooo my dear fellas’! How have you been? Enjoying the warm weather? We just celebrated Yom Hatzmuot (יום העצמאות), Israel’s 69th Independence Day! Did I have fun? You bet! We went to the beach for the day, which was sooooo nice! I love love love the beach! We had a BBQ,like everybody else in Israel, we just had FUN! Now part two of my Crohn’s Journey! If you missed part one click here !

So we left off with me eating the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ diet and how I was doing pretty good (actually extremely good! I didn’t have a single flare up during that time! which is super rare!). So after about two years of staying strictly on the diet (no cheats at all-Nada!) I started adding in carbs, I had a baked potato for the first time in almost two years! I only added in potatoes and corn and I was fine with it, thank-God. What’s really bizarre is that I was allowed to have soybean and sunflower oil (those terrible Homogenized oils!) so potatoe chips were allowed! They were such a treat! I did fine with these new additions. After Two and a half years being on the diet I had my first piece of BREAD!! It was sprouted bread and it was so so so so AMAZING! I also added in rice, so pasta was back on the menu! I was still going strong and doing great, The Doctors were amazed at my progress! My Doctor said I could start adding in regular food if I wanted , even a slice of pizza(!!).

So during the course of seventh grade, I started adding in more and more notty food, also I went to a new school in Jerusalem which was a lot more demanding than my local Elementary school. I would have to leave everyday at seven o’clock and then I wouldn’t get back home until five, I was pretty exhausted. It all started to slowly get to me, I was sick very often and missed a bunch of school days(not that I minded that part so much!). By the end of the school year I was pretty sick. I was to skinny and I was sick ALL the time! I kept getting all these thoar throats (I have no idea why still), The Doctors said it was strep but the antibiotics just made it worse. So for the first time I went to an herbalist, he was great! The stuff he prescribed me really helped and I started feeling better I also started back on the ‘Breaking the Vicious Cycle’ but I couldn’t stick to it for long, I longed for the ‘real’ baked goods, our neighbor who has celiac suggested try using spelt. I tried using spelt and I loved it! I handled the spelt very well and loved baking with it, I still used sugar and did surprisingly well. We also started home-schooling which took away a lot of stress. I think between getting rid of whole wheat flour and getting into a more relaxed schedule, was what really helped improve my health. God was so amazing and I thrived this way for another year and a half, right around when my Mom bought the Trim Healthy Mama book and we caught the whooping cough, but that’s another story for another day:).10402923_10153574711690278_5686005873258770291_n

Me my Mom and sistah on my 15th Birthday.  Feeling healthy and strong;)

Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom!



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