Chag Samech!

temporaryפסח שמח Peshach Samech my lovlies! Pesach is going to be here in less then an hour and I just wanted to stop by and say Chag Samech! All the preparations are almost done, the sidar plates are ready, the chickens done and looks amazing!, the tables are set up, salads made,  the charosets done, hopefully thete will be some left for tonight! Trying to keep my hands out of it! And ‘sourie wowie’ (my sourdough starters nickname) is all stored and put away in the fridge. Hopefully we will be ready, still need to take a shower and set the table, so I gotta go(:

I love Pesach! I love celabrating being free! We are sons and duaghters of the king of light! We are trully free. How above and beyond fortanate are we?!


Love you all! Have an amazing Pesach!



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