Outa Nowhere Trip to Eilat

Halloo! How are ya’ll? Guess where I just was- Eilat! Eilat is a four hour drive from where I live, it’s waaaay down south and is right on the red sea. This trip was totally unexpected, my Dad had a moving job from Hertzalia all the way down to Eilat. So the night before my Dad asked my brother if he wanted to come with him and help with the moving I overheard him and said I wanted to go too, I haven’t been to eilat in 10+ years, but he said he only had room for one person because the customer was coming with him. Next morning I woke up and he told me that I could come! The customer was flying to Eilat in the end so there was room for me! Excitingly I canceled all what I had planned for the day and quickly got dressed and grabbed some food.  I made a huge whey protein smoothie super quickly and headed out the door!

Once we got to Hertzalia me and my brother started loading up the truck while my Father did the packing. We finished in an hour or so and from there we started the long five hour drive to Eilat. Ugh I hate being stuck in a car, but somehow I survived, we listened to a Gamra class, talked and listened to lotsa music. I love how the view changed so much while driving from the green field around the Shifla to the more desserty view.

Here’s some pictures from the beginning of our trip, and you get a glimpse at my beautiful relaxing feet. Sadly I’m the only one ,it seems, that admires my feet:).   20170327_152515  This little truck kinda slowed us down a bit. Then we finally made a gas station stop and I totally made myself look like a goofball with all those jumping jacks and pushups. Haha! Who cares?! I felt more sane after that, but only for a little. I started singing a bunch of songs that we sing for memorial day and my brother decided it was a good time to resume the music.  I seem to be the only one to appreciate the sound of my voice, too. Ha!

Ooh! but here’s one of the best parts of the trip, we stopped for a couple minutes at an outlook looking over Mitzpe-Rimon it was beautiful! 20170327_15490820170327_155633

anddd then these cute little Ibexes walked up to us! Do you see them? They wanted food! and well, umm we couldn’t say no.20170327_155146

Just look at them! They ate straight out of our hands! It was so cool! 20170327_155534

You wanna hear a funny story? You see those papers I’m holding , there my brothers math homework papers, that he brought to do while driving. He left them on the dashboard of the truck and my father went and opened the door and right then there was a strong wind that blew all his math papers out the door and over the valley. For some odd reason I was the only one running after his math papers!  We continued and finally we saw the Eilat mountains! We’re getting close!20170327_17084520170327_170854

Aren’t they stunning! Finally we made it to Eilat! We quickly unloaded the trucks and headed to the beach!IMG-20170329-WA0008

It was almost dark by the time we actually got in the water! The water was FREEZING! but it felt sooo good to finally be in the water that I stayed in the water for like fifteen minutes, once I got out of the water my fingers were numb! I was sorta on a high from finally being in the water that it took me a few minutes to notest! We changed and then my dad took us out to dinner which was super nice! Of course the poor waiter was quizzed to death about every little nitty gritty ingredient in the food, the food was really good, I had an israeli Salad with Pargiot and tahinni. With our tummies nicely full (well at least myn) we made the LONG way back home. We finally made it home exhausted around midnight. We were tired but we made some really cool memories!



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