Kefir Fruit Blast Smoothie- THM E

imageOh guys! I have a yummy one here! Using one of my favorite dairy products… KEFIR! I love kefir and kefir is so so so good for your gut! Last week I got a nasty stomach bug, Kefir and Propolis helped tremendously! Have you ever tried eating just the kefir babies? Like not the actual cultured milk but the seeds that culture it? There gross and slimy but they are superheroes when it comes to fighting off the ‘bad guys’ bacteria. I dare you to try a few if your a kefir maker.

A week ago I went hiking for my Birthday, which was a ton of fun! After hiking  we stopped at a fruit shake stand and I splurged and got a fruit shake, not the most THM friendly since they use freshly squeezed orange juice, but my blood sugar was low so I kinda needed it.  I think for me personally it’s not such a bad choice, since I’m at goal weight and I’m still on the young side so I can handle it better then most old folks (that probably wasn’t the best way to put it I’m supposing, sorry old folks out there!). Anyways I was craving a fruit smoothie a couple days ago, like the one they make at the stands, but I didn’t want to use orange juice so I threw a couple things together and came up with this more blood sugar friendly smoothie that tasted even better then the one at the stand!  Give it a try!image


  • One and a half cups low fat double fermented kefir
  • One small frozen orange peeled (or half a large orange)
  • One small frozen banana
  • One cup Raspberries
  • 1-2 Doonks of Stevia


  1. Blend the banana, orange and kefir until smooth.
  2. Add the Raspberries and stevia. Taste and own it! That’s it!


  • This smoothie will still come out good if you just use fresh banana and orange, but it wont be as thick and creamy as with the frozen banana and orange. At the stands here all there fruit is frozen and that’s what helps ’em make it so Icy and refreshing.

DSCN0738 By the way, how was your Purim? I had a lot of fun! We handed out Meshloch Manot to random people which was super special. Then we got together with family and friends for a Grill out and some games. And then of coarse there is all the customs! That was fun! I dressed up to a few things at night I dressed up to a seeing eye dog and my brother was a blind man to a party we went to that night, then as a joke the next day I dressed up to my dad and then I dressed up to a troll with my cousin and a friend for the grill out. Needles to say I had a blast. image




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