I Feel so ALIVE!

imageHelloooo! How are y’all doing over there? surviving the winter blues? Have you ever felt dead but you were actually still alive(that doesn’t make much sense now does it?), like your body is totally falling apart and your just decaying but then miraculously suddenly you felt like you were given life and you feel so alive suddenly? I have, I have experienced it countless times where God just pulled me out of my pain and disease and set me free, where he literately breathed life into me. I think it’s a place G-d wants us to be when we are on our faces drugged down with harsh circumstances, addictions, bad emotions and spirits and we throw it all on him and he sets us free, he brings us life. Which shouldn’t be surprising since he is the way the truth and the life.

Let’s be honest a second, very few of us actually wake up saying, ‘wow I’m alive! It’s a miracle!’ But it is!! So why don’t we? Why do we take so much for granted without even thinking about it? Let’s change that. God didn’t mean for us to drag through the day just trying to survive another day on this earth, we were meant to thrive through our day, to be alive. If he’s life and we are meant to be like our father then why don’t we act as if we are full of life? Remind yourself every day that he has set us free! We belong to the kingdom of life not death, stomp it in Satan’s face I choose life and I will live in the kingdom of life forever.  Do you feel it? WE ARE ALIVE! and we have a choice every day, are you gonna change your perspective and make it full of life?

Start  with thanking him for EVERYTHING, ask him to show you things that you take for granted, and acknowledge that you are a walking miracle. (and if you have doubts about being a miracle are not, maybe you should go back and learn some anatomy:) So you wanna join me in a I’M ALIVE PEOPLE happy dance? ok, ok you don’t have to take it that far I’ll just dance by myself. Talking about alive here’s a great song check it out-

img_1577By the way springs right around the corner! The almond trees are blooming!! wooohooo!

Love you guys! Avigail



2 thoughts on “I Feel so ALIVE!

  1. Hi Avigail your photos are amazing! ..making good use of your new camera. This splash photo is sooo blue. Is the water in Israel this blue? I feel like I want to jump in…

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    • That’s so sweet! Thank you! The picture of the water was taken at a lake up north, the water there is gorgeous and really is that blue, no photo editing:) I’ve heard from friends and family that come from the states and go to the beaches here in Israel say that our water is much more clearer and ‘bluerer’ then the ocean in the states. but you’ll just have to come and see for yourself :). Have a good one!


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