I gotta a real camera!!! I can’t believe it’s finally in my hands!! This morning when my brother brought my package in, I just couldn’t leave it alone! Only problem was that I didn’t know that I needed a memory card so all the space this camera could  hold was like five pictures! I kept taking pictures and deleting them:). I just got a memory card so hopefully Ill be able to take lotsa pictures this weekend! I’m going up north to the chermon with Friends for Shabbat, so ill have lotsa stuff to take pictures off! It will be my first time up at the chermon, I am exited! It will be fun! The zoom on this Nikon b500 is CRAZY! I’m also super exited to be able to have better quality  photos on here. This is a huge improvement then taking photos with this:temporary

Yep, It was super duper challenging taking photos with this totally smashed and busted up Iphone 5. The most challenging was this bright line you would get at the top, you might have noticed it in a couple photos of mine, like this one-image

So now you know the behind the scenes of  the pictures here:)

What have you been up to lately? I’ve been babysitting, working, volunteering,baking, some loom knitting, gardening, I got my passport! Yay! I went to the kotel  which was such an awesome refresher, oooh and I got a nose ring(at first it feels so weird! but you get used to it)! Also we are putting together a show with the group of girls I counsel, so lotsa practicing! I actually have a rehearsal in like a half hour so I need to hurry up and I still need to pack for this trip! were leaving at four in the morning… blech… so i gotta go… one last thing, look at this awesome tie pie my grandfather built!temporary

and one last picturetemporary

winter has the prettiest sunsets!

Have a great weekend!




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