Oil Pulling- Benefits and what No one Tells You

image Hellooo my peeps! I hope all is well with y’all! Soo I’ve been oil pulling for about a year now, pretty consistently. I actually  stopped  for a couple days cause I got my wisdom tooth pulled out, only one of my wisdom teeth got pulled out,  I can sorta chew on the other side, so I can eat some solids thank-god! But I’ll probably oil pull tonight again, but not for long since my jaw’s  pretty sore. Anyway back to oil pulling!

You probably already know how to oil pull, pretty much you stick a Tablespoon or two of either coconut, olive or sesame oil and swish it around your mouth up to twenty minutes.  Buttt just to warn you sesame oil taste DISGUSTING taken straight, and this is coming from a huge sesame oil fane! The only reason I think people list it, is because this oil pulling method comes from India and that is the oil used there, my hunch.

Now onto the Benefits! 

1. Cleans your teeth like no otha! It really just comes in and sanctions out all plaque, debris and bad bacteria!

2. It whitens your teeth! Yay! (I have to admit, I didn’t notice a drastic change, but overall my teeth are definitely whiter then last year!)

3. It sucks out mucos! (This is kinda gross😝, but if you gotta bad cold, you’ll notice towards the end of your pulling, your swishing around some mucos in there!)

There are lots of more benefits of oil pulling but these are the ones that I personally noticed.


What Nobody will Tell you about Oil Pulling

1. Don’t oil pull if your nose is stuffed up! This happened to me I had a really bad cold, and so I stuck the oil in, and walla I could hardly breath(; didn’t tottaly think that one through! Haha

2. Sneezing and coughing! If you sneeze or cough while oil pulling, say goodbye to all your oil! Hehe I grossed out a couple siblings by sneezing while oil pulling. Now they know to stay FAR away from me while oil pulling!

3. If you oil pull while taking a shower, make sure you have everything you need before you shower. Trust me nobody’s gonna understand your gurgling shouts for soap 😂 ! Or if your trying to get instructions for how to put the new shower hose on, forget it man.

4. Make sure nobody’s using the hot water while your in the shower, cold showers-not fun.

5. Last but not least make sure your coconut oil doesn’t have any funky stuff in it, swishing coconut oil with sugar, not sure how beneficial that is or turmeric blech 😳.

Enjoy oil pulling! (:



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