Understanding Anti-oxidants

image(This is a very basic explanation of anti-oxidants, there is a ton of more in depth articles and more scientificly written ones, it’s worth learning more about the topic it’s very fascinating! Here is my humble, simpleton explanation, enjoy!)

Antioxidants. We see it written everywhere, blah blah blah is high in anti-oxidants, anti-oxidants, anti-oxidants… So what’s the big deal about anti-oxidants?  We all know that anti-oxidants are good for you. But we don’t really get why. Probably they kill some bad germies or sompin’ like dat’.  WRONG!

To  explain what anti-oxidants our, we gotta know what oxidation is, oxisidation is the process were free radicals weaken and eventually destroy the cell. Free radicals are the ‘bad guys’ (no scientific confusing names in this post! I like to keep to baddies and goodies:). We get free radicals from metabolizing food, inflammation, environmental toxins(such as fluoride, pesticides and herbicides, MSG etc’), Radation and low magnesium. So there’s really no way of avoiding Free radicals( of coarse you should try and avoid chemicals!) How does our body protect itself from these free radicals?  Drumroll…

ANTIOXIDANTS! G-d created anti-oxidants to protect our cells from these free radicals! This is a fascinating process, so free radicals are unpaired Electrons (there our batchlers) and Always prefer to come in pairs(they don’t like being single) so they will steel themself an electron from whatever is close by (DNA molecules, proteins etc’, I like thinking of it as them steeling a wife) that’s how they destroy the cell. Now the anti-oxidant works as a the missing electron( anti-oxidants can be thought as a bunch of bachelorettes, hehe this analogy is getting weird😉). So when there is a free radical the antioxidant goes and pairs off with the free radical that way the free radical isn’t really free anymore, it doesn’t need to Rob anything from the cell, thus not hurting the cell! image

Can you see now why antioxidant are so great? Cells are the most ‘basic’ form of life! So if are cells are weak  that means we are prob to disease and sickness, weakend cells are linked to every disease! Strong and healthy cells will keep us strong and healthy, Anti-oxidants play a huge part of protecting our cells! Pretty coll right?! So now I hope you understand how this amazing network works!


Hoooray for anti-oxidants! So know you can go enjoy yourself a chunk of choclate(Not milky, sugary choclate!) and a yummy bowl of berries, with a cup of real coffee and think of all the benefits your getting from such a treat!לבריאות



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