‘Fall’ in Israel-and Ein Gedi

Hellooo! Its been getting cooler here in Israel, it’s getting dark earlier, and we had our first rain last week, we always get exited from the first rain! ( but then I get sick and tired of it, I am dying for warmer season so we can go to the beach! I have a very hard time not going to the beach during the cooler season!) anyway Back to fall(:, and all the fruit on the citrus trees are ripening! What’s funny about the fall here is that you could have a tottaly cloudy and rainy day, but the next day will be absolutely gorgeous with bright blue sky. Actually most days in the fall are like that, warm with pretty blue sky and only occasionally there will be rain. Once I read a poem called “fall not very falley”(it was in Hebrew). It was all about how Fall in Israel is warm, all the citrus fruits are ripening etc, how it’s not really like ‘fall’. It described fall pretty well(:.


A  Klemantinah tree, almost ripe!image

An orange tree, still not quite ready!

Then today we went to Ein Gedai, which is down in the Negev(in the dessert) and it was really warm! Ein Gedi is sooo pretty. Here are a few pictures from today!

The right photo was the view, that was behind us and the left photo is the view that was in front of us.  That’s the Dead Sea behind.

The water was colddd, but it was fun to get under the waterfalls! Can you spy the ibex in the right picture? They were so cute!

At the end the was this gorgeous waterfall and cave (that you weren’t really supposed to go into, but don’t tell anyone kay?).


Hope y’all are having a great fall! Coming soon are some fall inspired recipes, stay tuned!



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