imageI’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile now, but I just didn’t know how to put  all my thoughts together, I still don’t but I’m gonna try my best and hope for the best:).

I wanna talk about  those times when we aren’t receiving what we were promised from G-d,  when we are just meant to WAIT and be still. 

“Be still and know that I’m G-d”( psalm 46:10)

Wait a minute! If G-d promises me something doesn’t it just happen immediately? That’s what I thought. But this is not true,  sometimes he makes us wait until he fulfills his promises, sometimes we don’t even see the fulfillment of his promises while on this earth (Avraham never saw himself becoming the father of many nations while he lived on this earth, but he has seen it from above from the Throne of Glory!).  If G-d doesn’t fulfill his promise immediately, it doesn’t mean G-d forbid he wont fulfill his promise! Our G-d is the same yesterday, today and forever! he is the same G-d who parted the Red Sea, brought Jews back to Israel after TWO THOUSAND years and has done miracle after miracle! This is the same G-d we serve today and he WILL fulfill his promises in his timing!

“G-d is not a man that he should lie…or has he spoken and he will not make good?” (Numbers 23:19)

How do you wait for G-ds timing? What do you do while waiting? This is how I felt I was to wait, pray, quote scriptures back at G-d , beg G-d to fulfill his promises and wait with expectancy!

“My soul waits for the Lord, more then a watchmen wait for morning”(psalm 13:6)image



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