Chagim Cookin’s

So I thought I would share some of the yummy food that’s been coming out of our kitchen the past couple weeks, with all the chagim! I’m so exited, Sukot is just around the corner! It’s my favorite holiday!! What is your favorite holiday?

Sourdough challah! Didn’t it rise beautifully?! This is a triple batch of my recipe!

The challah braided and baked with a honey glaze!! It was pretty Amazin’. If I say so myself!

Sourdough Apple Braid! I’m tottaly drooling here! 😋

imageApple and carrot with a bunch of other stuff koogle i put in it apples, carrots,zucchini,onion,white radishes and a sweet potato:). It came out ok, need to do some treeking on it.

imageSourdough Cinnamon Rolls!  Can you tell Ive been having tons of fun with my sourdough?! they aint the prettiest but there good. My lil sistah loves to eat straight dough,haha, I need to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t eat the whole batch! We made so much more food but I wasn’t able to take pictures of it all!

image A little garden peek, my stevia plant is blooming! isn’t it pretty!

Have a Chag Samech!




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