Summer 2016

This summer has been an awesome summer! It has been so much fun! It had just the right balance between busy but still restful and laidback. So here is a few of the stuff I did and places I went, enjoy!!


I went to the dead sea which was totally FUN!

I went to the Kineret(sea of galilee), and got to ride that cool thing!

Fun times downtown Jerusalem! Trying to be a fountain!

Volunteering at an organic farm, bensfarm. Was so much Fun!


I caught my first fish in a creek up north and I got to go tree jumping! Fun times!


Making Sourdough Challah!! Recipe coming SOON! Stayed tuned!


Gardening! Extending my herb garden and working in my veggie Garden.

isn’t the baby basil, so cute?!

Grape picking! and making grape juice!

and so much more, I taught  my younger sibs Hebrew, volunteered at Ba’ad Chaim, B-day parties, Shopping, learn how to make kombucha, learned more about Nutrition and Herbs, went to the Pool, spent time with Family and friends and so much more!!

Hoped you guys had a great Summer!!



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