Tishah Bav:at the Kotel


This past Tishah Bav, I went down to the Kotel(western wall). It is just so amazing! Standing down by the wall, with hundreds of other people, all praying, crying, mourning, yearning, and singing. You feel so connected, to your people, to this land, to Jerusalem, to G-d.

When we all stand there by the wall, orthodox, mesortie, chilonei we are all one. It is so deep.


Walking through the the old city to the Kotel.image

עם ישראל חי!  Am Yisrael Chai!

On the funnier side, when the fast was finally out and we could eat and drink, I was waiting in line to wash my hands (נטילת ידיים) so I could eat bread, a lady brought her toothbrush and was brushing her teeth! 😂 (During the fast you are not allowed to brush your teeth, yep it’s gross.) she kept saying:”I just can’t do it! I just can’t eat without brushing my teeth!”

״אני פשוט לא יכולה כך! פשוט לא יכולה לאכול בלי לצחצח שיניים״

So that was pretty funny! Have a great day!




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